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Title: Sweet Southern Trouble

Author: Michele Summers

Pub Date: May 2, 2017

ISBN: 9781402293641







Release Date:  May 2, 2017



An ambitious Southern belle



Marabelle Fairchild knows she’s a gal who can get things done. Feeling unappreciated at the exclusive private school where she’s a kindergarten aide and varsity tennis coach, Marabelle determines to score with the next big fundraiser. What she doesn’t expect? A smokin' hot football coach to throw her off her game...


A reclusive NFL bachelor...


NFL coach Nick Frasier is Raleigh’s most eligible bachelor, but he wants to focus on his career…not his playboy status. He doesn’t need a smart-mouthed, pint-sized kindergarten teacher pestering him. So he cuts Marabelle a deal—in exchange for Nick sponsoring a bachelor auction starring him and his gorgeous celebrity pals, Marabelle will pose as his fiancée to ward off unwanted advances.


What could possibly go wrong?




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Sweet Southern TroubleSweet Southern Trouble by Michele Summers

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

ARC Review: Sweet Southern Trouble by Michele Summers

Nick and Marabelle are magically delicious. She's the sugar, he's the spice. Put them together and they make for the hottest of vices. Sweet Southern Trouble is an organic blend of humor, heart and smart writing. Ms. Summers has a lock on temperature rising, incredibly entertaining down home southern charm. When it comes to romance author, characters and story delivers a one, two punch to the heart.

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“Tinker Bell, we need to talk.” Nick caught up with Marabelle on the courts the next afternoon shortly after the gala committee meeting. She was in the middle of running drills for the team. She growled in his direction like a feral cat, but that didn’t deter him. He opened the gate to court one and forged ahead.

“I have nothing to say to you.” She continued to feed balls like a machine, with a death grip on her racket.

He watched the boys hitting behind the baseline. “Now, honey, is that any way to talk to your intended?”

“Get back on your court and keep drilling,” she ordered the boys as some of them started to gawk and work their way over to him. She threw her racket in the basket of balls and grabbed his arm to pull him off the court.

Nick allowed himself to be turned and then stopped. “Where’re we going, Thumbelina? Behind the bleachers to neck?”

“Fat chance. Away from the courts. Those boys have a fanboy crush on you, and I don’t want them to hear us.”

Nick strolled next to her toward the bleachers. “I think their crush is on you, not me.”

Marabelle stopped, eyes snapping as she dug her small fists into her hips. “What’s that supposed to mean?”

“It means…those teenage boys have the hots for their tennis coach.”

Marabelle’s eyebrows shot so far up they got lost under her tennis hat. “Are you insane?” She put up both hands. “Don’t answer that. What kind of fiancé are you? You don’t write; you don’t call. I’m sitting on pins and needles here. This charade has gone on long enough,” she whispered fiercely.

Nick bit back a grin. “Awww, it’s only been two days. Have you been missing me?”

“Of course not. That’s not what I meant.” Nick started to chuckle. “I don’t think I can keep up this lie. In case you didn’t notice, those committee members want to lynch me,” she said, eyes flashing. “They’re very upset that the man of their dreams has taken himself off the market and gotten engaged to me.”

Nick had shown up at the meeting unannounced, and walked in on complete pandemonium with a lot of hysteria thrown on top. He’d managed to settle everyone down. Pledging a shitload of money will do that. Marabelle should be kissing his ass for saving hers.

“And that’s a problem because…” Nick shrugged.

“Because now the entire committee thinks I’m a slut. Hazel Cartwright asked how long I’d been ‘boinking’ you.”

“Really? Well maybe we should—”

“Look, can’t we pretend we had a big falling-out and broke up? I’ll tell everyone you dumped me for…for Jennifer Aniston. That’s totally plausible.”

Nick hated to burst Marabelle’s bubble, but he needed her more than she needed him. Marty Hackman loved the idea of his “engagement” and told Nick not to fuck it up…his exact words. And Nick had no intentions of disappointing the gruff, cigar-chewing owner of the Cherokees. If he asked Nick to join hands and sing Joni Mitchell songs, then he would do exactly that.

Nick placed his hand over his heart. “Tinker Bell, I’m wounded. Besides, Jennifer and I didn’t get along all that well.”

“You’ve actually dated Jennifer Aniston?” Marabelle drew back as her mouth formed a perfect O.

“We went out a few times. What’s the real problem here? I think the committee bought our story. We had them eating out of our hands.”

“Eating out of your hand. Look, it’s time we go our separate ways.” Marabelle ticked off on her fingers. “You do what you do best…date groupies. And I’ll do what I do best…make my mother’s life miserable. It works.”

Nick gave an exaggerated sigh and rubbed the back of his neck. “Anybody ever tell you you have no sense of adventure? You need to get out more.”

“I’m adventuresome. I’m all about adventure. Adventure is my middle name.”

Nick shook his head. “Huh-uh. My mind is made up. We’re engaged, and you’re just going to have to accept it. The sooner you do, the sooner we get to the good stuff.” He waggled his eyebrows at her scowling face.

“How can someone so gorgeous be so wicked and depraved?” Marabelle wondered aloud. “Why don’t you pick on someone your own size?”

“Honey, I’m not picking on you. I’m playing with you.” Nick allowed his gaze to roam over the tennis sweats swallowing her petite body. “I can’t wait to play doctor and get to the part where I undress you,” he said in a husky voice, moving in close and invading her space.

“Oh my God…you’re impossible.”

“Sh-h-h, you’re drawing a crowd.” Nick pointed at nobody over her head.

Marabelle whipped around to see who was listening, and Nick took advantage by gathering her in his arms.

“Marabelle, honey, stop fighting. Trust me.” He slipped his arm around her waist and lifted her up on her toes.

Then he kissed her silly. Or did she kiss him silly? Because the second his lips met hers, he forgot what they were arguing about. He’d never had to work this hard to get a girl on board. Frustrated didn’t begin to describe his feelings. Maybe he was losing his touch. He lifted his head, and Marabelle’s whacked expression matched his. Nah.

“See, that wasn’t so bad, was it?” he murmured.

Marabelle lowered herself and licked her bottom lip as if tasting him there. “Mmm. Okay. We’ll pretend. But only when others are around. And no sex.” She narrowed her eyes to slits. “I’m no groupie. I worship only from afar. It’s safer that way.”

He pressed another hard kiss to her lips, wishing he could scoop her up in his arms and take her home. “Get back to work. I’ll call you later.”

“Yeah, right,” she mumbled. Nick watched as she trotted back to the courts, wondering how he was going to survive the next few months.





The best things about the South can be debated until the cows come home. For me, the list changes as often as our weather. I was born and raised a Carolina Blue Tarheel, but after college, I made my home in Miami, Florida and stayed for over twenty years (A different kind of south altogether). But since returning to my Tarheel state, it’s quite evident, some things have changed…and some things have not!



Here’s one of my favorite things about the south:


Weather: Most people love the South for its four seasons and the fact that our climate is mild. Okay, I’m basically on board with this, except I’d ix-nay winter altogether and order up two summers, one fall and one spring. Not a fan of winter, obviously due to the years I spent under the Miami sun. I know, you’re thinking—she’s freakin’ nuts—but the 90-degree temps never really bothered me. And Miami winters are amazing, because let’s face it, they’re basically non-existent.


Back home in NC, I start shivering mid-November and don’t stop until mid-April. Gone are my favorite flip-flops replaced by boots and clogs…anything I can wear with thick socks. But alas, I’m in the minority on this whole winter-should-be-outlawed thing and therefore will concede that overall the South’s weather is pretty darn nice.





MICHELE SUMMERS writes about small-town life with a Southern flair, and has her own interior design business in Raleigh, North Carolina, and Miami, Florida. Both professions feed her creative appetite and provide a daily dose of humor.






Determined to hide a fear too embarrassing to admit, recently-evicted Kat Bennett accepts an impromptu offer to crash with her brother’s best friend and player extraordinaire, Logan McCabe. When spitfire Kat proposes a no-strings-attached summer fling only to find out Logan has given his word to keep things platonic, she decides to convince Logan some promises are meant to be broken. Fans of Bella Andre's THE LOOK OF LOVE will not want to miss this humorous and fast-paced romance from Award-Winning Author, Amelia Judd.





Title: Crashing Together

Author: Amelia Judd

Publisher: Mitchell Davis Press

Series: Silver Bay #2

Release Date: April 11, 2017

Genre: Contemporary Romance

ISBN: 9781946517029

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Release Date: April 11, 2017






Award-Winning Author Amelia Judd Returns to Silver Bay with a Novel about Finding Love in Unexpected Places.


Next step: seduce Logan. Which would likely be as difficult as convincing him to take his next breath of air. After all, how hard could it be to strike up a game with the world’s biggest player?


Determined to hide a fear too embarrassing to admit, recently-evicted Kat Bennett accepts an impromptu offer to crash with her brother’s best friend and player extraordinaire, Logan McCabe. When things heat up between them, spitfire Kat decides to embrace temptation rather than fight it. A steamy fling might be just the distraction she needs from her own problems. And who better to fling with than a gorgeous Australian who’s only in the country for a few months?


Logan loves his no-strings-attached lifestyle. Or at least he did until Kat, a woman he has always been attracted to but vowed not to touch, moves in with him for the summer. Even though getting to know beautiful, fiery Kat heats his blood and shoots his relaxed vibe to hell, Logan is determined to keep his word and his hands to himself.


But Kat plans to prove some promises are meant to be broken. Will living with Kat for the summer convince Logan it’s time to start playing for keeps or will their unexpected love crash and burn?






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Crashing Together (Silver Bay Book 2)Crashing Together by Amelia Judd

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Crashing Together marched right into my heart and took over. Logan and Kat proved that a person should never be taken at face value. Logan loved to have a good time and be the life of the party but had feelings that ran deep and hurts hidden away from prying eyes. Kat was an independent woman dogged by disappointments and insecurities. Underneath her pride and his womanizing was a bond that needed a chance to grow. Amelia Judd packs a powerful message with some lighthearted style. Wisely heartwarming.

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He took a deep breath to relax his features and lifted his head from the back of the couch to look at her again. She sat cross-legged, beaming a Cheshire-cat smile at him. She didn’t fool him. Her wide smile might say charming and innocent, but the spark of mischief lighting her blue-gray eyes said she knew the effect she had on him.

“You enjoy torturing me.”

Kat tipped her head back and laughed. And damn if it wasn’t the sexiest thing he’d ever heard. The sultry, rich tones of her laughter oddly soothed and aroused him at the same time.

Christ, he was a fucking mess.

“I’m honestly not trying to tease, torment, or torture you. Well … not right now at least. Sorry if crashing together has made your life difficult. Can I do anything to make it easier?”

“Keeping your clothes on would help,” he grumbled.

Kat’s eyebrows shot up.

“I mean it, no more nudity. And you need to find a new bather for swimming, one with enough fabric to cover”—he gestured toward her body—“everything.”

“Fine. Whatever. No nudity.” She took another sip of her beer. Then, beer bottle still in hand, she pointed at him with her index finger. “But you really need to work on being less of a fun sponge.”


“You kinda suck the fun out of everything. You should loosen up, relax a little bit.”

“What the hell are you talking about?” he snapped, grabbing his beer from the table with more force than necessary. “I’m a carefree, fun-loving guy.” He ground the words out between clenched teeth.

Kat cocked her head to the side. “Most guys would jump at the chance of no-strings sex, and you just made me promise to keep my clothes on for the summer. Even though your reason for saying no is bullshit, you’re still sticking to it. I hate to break it to you, Logan, but that makes you sound kinda mature and responsible, not carefree and fun-loving.”

“Holy shit. I’ve turned into Pax.” He dropped his head back again in misery. “I’m too bloody serious and more concerned about doing what’s right than having a good time.” He beat the back of his head against the hard cushion a few extra times as the depressing realization landed with a heavy thud in his gut. “I’m not sure if I should feel proud or disgusted.”

“Don’t sweat it. My brother is a great guy. And now that he’s with Sage, they’re having a lot of fun together. Besides, we all have to grow up sometime.”

He lifted his head to study her. “Have you?” he asked hopefully.

“Hell no. I’m still lots of fun.”


Copyright © Crashing Together 2017 by Amelia Judd

















Title: A Venture of the Heart

Author: Amelia Judd

Publisher: Mitchell Davis Press

Series: Silver Bay #1

Date Released: January 24, 2017

Genre: Contemporary Series Romance

ISBN: 9781946517012

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Release Date: January 24, 2017







Love is a Risky Venture in Amelia Judd's Award-Winning New Romance


“Hello, Pax. It’s good to see you again.”

And with those frigid words, karma kicked his ass and blew his dreams into a million tiny fragments.


Paxton Bennett walked away from a privileged upbringing to devote his life to La Vida de Ensueño, the socially responsible luxury resort he manages in Costa Rica. No way will Pax let a hotel chain swallow up La Vida and turn it into another lifeless clone. All he needs is a loan so he can match a buy-out offer. Unfortunately, every damn bank keeps saying no. He has one last hope—an on-site visit from a loan officer that he’s sure he can impress…


Banker Sage Somerset doesn’t want to see Pax Bennett across a busy coffee shop, let alone spend a week at a tropical resort with him. After their cringe-worthy last encounter, just hearing his name makes her blush or curse. Plus, there are snakes in Costa Rica. A lot of snakes! Determined to remain professional on her unwelcome assignment, Sage hopes she can survive a week in Pax’s world…


But a quirky staff, meddlesome family, and the night-time visit of a tiny green gecko soon threaten to turn business into pleasure. Will Pax and Sage fight their troublesome chemistry? Or will they take a chance on the biggest venture of all—each other?










A Venture of the Heart (Silver Bay, #1)A Venture of the Heart by Amelia Judd

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

From broken hearts to brand new starts ...

A Venture of the Heart is about following your dreams despite the obstacles thrown in the way. Pax and Sage have history. Family connections brought them together, emotional ones tore them apart. She needs stability. He has the heart of a dreamer and the soul of a nurturer. What looked like a chance at forever wasn't strong enough to keep them together. When fate sends them an olive branch, will they use it to build a second chance? This is my first Amelia Judd read and I loved it. She tells captivating stories full optimism, heartache and healing that are a joy to behold.

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Award-winning author Amelia Judd writes fun and flirty contemporary romance. She loves to entertain her readers with memorable characters and fast-paced plots that blend humor, heart, and heat.


After receiving a degree in international affairs, Amelia lived and studied in Belgium for over three years. During her time in Europe, she traveled extensively, earned a master’s degree, and fell in love with writing contemporary romance.


Amelia now lives in the Midwest with her sports-loving husband, two active kids, and a lovable dog that stays by her side day and night. When she isn’t writing, she’s spending time with family, hanging out with friends, chauffeuring her kiddos around town, sneaking off to the movies, or planning her family’s next getaway.


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If you love laugh-out-loud romantic comedies and swoon worthy contemporary romance, Entangled Publishing Select Contemporary has you covered! Enjoy two new amazon releases from Avery Flynn and Meg Benjamin today!






Wanted: Personal Buffer

Often snarly, workaholic executive seeks “buffer” from annoying outside distractions AKA people. Free spirits with personal boundary issues, excessive quirks, or general squeamishness need not apply. Salary negotiable. Confidentiality required.

Workaholic billionaire Sawyer Carlyle may have joked he needed a “buffer” from their marriage-obsessed mom, but he didn’t need a waiting room filled with “candidates” to further distract him. (Thanks, bro.) But when a sexy job applicant shooes his mom and the socialite in tow out of his office, Sawyer sees the genius of the plan. And the woman. In fact, Miss Clover Lee might just get the fastest promotion in history, from buffer to fake fiancé…

This “free-spirit” might look like hot sunshine and lickable rainbows, but she negotiates like a pitbull. Before Sawyer knows what hit him, he’s agreed to give up Friday nights for reality tv, his Saturdays for flea markets (why buy junk still baffles him), his Tuesdays and Thursdays for “date nights” (aka panty-losing opportunities if he plays his cards right). And now she wants lavender bath salts and tulips delivered every Monday?

Yup, she’s just screwing with him. Good thing she’s got this non-negotiatable six-weeks-and-she’s-gone rule or Sawyer may have just met this match…


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The NegotiatorThe Negotiator by Avery Flynn

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Ms. Flynn lightens the mood while setting the atmosphere ablaze. The Negotiator is an opposites attract story, Sawyer is not above breaking a few rules, but free spirit Clover knows how to lay down the law. It is so much fun to watch the player get played. A seductive game of hard ball, that is amusing to watch unfold.

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About Avery Flynn:

Avery Flynn is an award winning romance author. She has three slightly-wild children, loves a hockey-addicted husband and is desperately hoping someone invents the coffee IV drip.

She was a reader before she was a writer and hopes to always be both. She loves to write about smartass alpha heroes who are as good with a quip as they are with their *ahem* other God-given talents. Her heroines are feisty, fierce and fantastic. Brainy and brave, these ladies know how to stand on their own two feet and knock the bad guys off theirs.

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Wyatt Montgomery knows a barrel of legendary Zoria imperial stout will help his Denver gastropub stay on top. The only problem is the brewery that made it is no longer in business. When Wyatt hears the brewmaster has only one barrel left, he won’t stop until it’s his. He doesn’t consider what this mythical barrel might cost him. And he certainly doesn’t anticipate his reaction to the heart-stoppingly beautiful brewmaster he needs to convince to sell him the beer.

When Wyatt rushes into Bec Dempsey’s small-town cooperative offering to buy the last barrel of her precious Zoria, she’s thrown for a loop. She’s been burned by city-slickers before, and she’ll be damned if she’ll let it happen again. But when things start heating up between them, Bec decides to make Wyatt a counteroffer. One she hopes he won’t refuse.


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Love on TapLove on Tap by Meg Benjamin

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

An intoxicating brew, leads to a devil's bargain. It's getting hot in here! Love On Tap displays the best sides of Meg Benjamin. Humor, heart and heat. Wyatt is desperate and Bec has the upper hand, but situations don't always work out according to plan. Wyatt and Bec wage a battle that sizzles.

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About Meg Benjamin:

Meg Benjamin is an multi-published author of contemporary romance. Her books have won numerous awards, including an EPIC Award, a Romantic Times Reviewers’ Choice Award, the Holt Medallion from Virginia Romance Writers, the Beanpot Award from the New England Romance Writers and the Award of Excellence from Colorado Romance Writers. Although she began writing in Texas, Meg now lives in Colorado with her hubs of many years and two rather large Maine coon cats (well, partly Maine Coon anyway).

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Indulge in brand new romances from Amy Ayers and MK Meredith! Choose your favorite sexy seduction...and fall in love today!




Mateu Espasa, CEO of Barcelona’s most luxurious hotel, knows how to deliver a five-star experience. When he learns the identity of hotel reviewer, London Montgomery, it seems harmless to play as her local tour guide to make sure she enjoys her stay and places his hotel back in the running for the Elite Life and Travel Magazine's hotel of fame. But every moment with London makes Mateu want her just as much as he needs that review.

Constantly working to cover her mother’s medical bills, London needs to have a little fun on this vacation. First on her list: Kiss a hot Spaniard, and her knight-in-shining-Armani at the train station seems to fit that bill—he’s local and definitely hot! But when she discovers the man charming her is really CEO of the hotel she’s reviewing—supposedly secretly—she decides to see how far he’ll go to make her dream vacation a once in a lifetime experience.

Mateu shows her the romance of his city and his soul, but when the truth comes out, the fun is over, and it turns out nobody wins in a game of hearts.

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About MK Meredith:

MK Meredith writes single title contemporary romance promising an emotional ride on heated sheets. She believes the best route to success is to never stop learning. Her lifelong love affair with peanut butter continues. Only two things come close in the battle for her affections: gorgeous heels and maybe Gerard Butler…or was it David Gandy? Who is she kidding? Her true loves are her husband and two children who have survived her SEA's (spontaneous explosions of affection) and live to tell the tale. The Meredith's live in the D.C. area with their large fur baby...until the next adventure calls.

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Senna Callas’s one-night stand with her alpha asshole boss, Marco Medina, was supposed to mark the end of her internship and their ridiculous attraction. After being unreachable and ignoring Senna for a year, Marco sweeps back into the country and summons her to his office, revealing he knows her secret…the secret created during their explosive night together.

Marco is determined to be there for the son he’s just discovered he has, but when it comes to being with Senna, his choices aren’t his own. His meddling family expects him, the firstborn son, to follow through with the arranged marriage set up when he was a child. And Senna has no plans on being his mistress and still resents how her attempts to contact Marco were ignored. The only thing going right between them is the attraction that burns no matter the complicated situation they’re in.

Marco would do anything to protect his family, anything except decide between the legacy he was born into and the young family he’s just found…

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His Family of ConvenienceHis Family of Convenience by Amy Ayers

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Marco is a man who takes his responsibilities to heart. Family and business are his first priority, until a one night consequence has him yearning for more. Senna made a choice that changed her life forever. One night cost her the career of her dreams, the guy of her fantasies and gained her the love of a lifetime. If she's willing to risk her heart and take a chance. Meddling families, secret engagements and a surprise baby make for DRAMA, DRAMA, DRAMA.




About Amy Ayers:

Amy Ayers remembers writing her first fiction as an introspective tween in rainy Portland, Oregon. She took a break from writing to move with her family to the desert of Phoenix, Arizona. She currently divides her time between her writing, her family (including one husband, four boys and two dogs), and her far too lengthy daily commute to work. A life-long lover of literature, she began writing her own contemporary romance in earnest in 2014 and is thrilled to be published with Entangled.


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Unfinished Night by Violet Duke is NOW AVAILABLE!

Only 99c for a very limited time!



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Love, sacrifice, and the lengths one will run--and chase--when their past threatens their future. This bundled box set contains both books in Caine & Addison's bestselling duet (Book 1: Before That Night & Book 2: Every Night Without You).  Print Length: 576 pgs


**Includes a special download code for a bonus reader's choice Violet Duke ebook.**





Unfinished Night: The Complete Duet (Caine & Addison Books 1 & 2)Unfinished Night: The Complete Duet by Violet Duke

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Before That Night - Never have I read anything like Before That Night. There is no subterfuge the rawness of a life interrupted and the courageous actions of a woman at the brink of despair. Addison is a very meaty character. She leads this story like a mama bear protecting her cubs and faces unspeakable danger head on. Caine is her rock when her secrets and responsibilities become too much to bear. Caine is hardly a hero, he has his own demons to bear but for a while he becomes Addison's soft place to fall. Before That Night provides a glimpse at subjects like homelessness, alcoholism and obsession while delivering an organic story of love and hope. My one pet peeve is that I didn't get my happy ending.

Every Night Without You - Ms. Duke made some surprising reveals and gave some heartbreaking answers to the questions left unanswered in Before That Night. This time around I felt more focus being put on the mysterious stalker than the romantic liaison. With all the baggage shoveled her way, it was nice to see Addison finally get the closure and happy ending she so richly deserved.

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About the Author:


NEW YORK TIMES & USA TODAY bestselling author Violet Duke is a former professor of English Education ecstatic to be on the other side of the page now writing emotion-rich stories with fun, everyday characters and sweet, sexy match-ups. Since her debut series in 2013, over a million readers have put all four of Violet’s laugh & cry contemporary romance series on bestseller lists and Top 10 charts across the major eretailers, both in the U.S. and internationally.


When she isn’t feeding her book-a-day addiction, Violet enjoys doing far too many things without checking the directions first (often with outrageous power tools she has no business operating), and cooking impossible-to-replicate ‘special edition’ dishes that laugh in the face of recipes. She lives in Hawai’i with her kids (Violet & Duke) and Mr. Violet Duke (their ringleader), with a PJs-and-rubber-slippers work dress code she takes very seriously.


Connect with Violet!


Website: http://www.violetduke.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/VioletDukeBooks/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/VioletDukeBooks

Amazon: http://amzn.to/2i0FpNC

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/7020583.Violet_Duke









Release Date:  May 2, 2017






She’s never had a home 

Growing up in a troubled foster home, Mercy Dane knew she could never rely on anyone but herself. She’s used to giving her all to people who don’t give her a second glance, so when she races to Blessings, Georgia, to save the life of an accident victim, she’s flabbergasted when the grateful town opens its arms to her. She never dreamed she’d ever find family or friends—or a man who looks at her as if she hung the stars.

Until she finds peace in his arms 

Police Chief Lon Pittman is getting restless living in sleepy little Blessings. But the day Mercy Dane roars into his life on the back of a motorcycle, practically daring him to pull her over, he’s lost. There’s something about Mercy’s tough-yet-vulnerable spirit that calls to Lon, and he will do anything in his power to make her realize that home isn’t just where the heart is—home is where their heart is.






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Chapter 1


From childhood, Mercy Dane viewed Christmas Eve in Savannah, Georgia, like something out of a fairy tale. The old, elegant mansions were always lit from within and decorated with great swags of greenery hanging above the doorways and porch railings like thick green icing on snowy white cakes.

The shops decked out in similar holiday style were as charming as the sweet southern women who worked within. Each shop boasted fragrant evergreens, plush red velvet bows, and flickering lights mimicking the stars in the night sky above the city.

And even though Mercy had grown up on the hard side of town with lights far less grand, the lights in her world burned with true southern perseverance. Now that she was no longer a child, the beauty of the holiday was something other people celebrated, and on this cold Christmas Eve, she no longer believed in fairy tales. So far, the chapters of her life consisted of a series of foster families until she aged out of the system, and one magic Christmas Eve with a man she never saw again. The only lights in her world now were the lights where she worked at the Road Warrior Bar.

The yellow neon sign over the bar was partially broken. The R in Road was missing its leg, making the word look like Toad. But the patrons who frequented this bar didn’t care about the name. They came for the company and a drink or two to dull the disappointment of a lifetime of regrets.

Carson Beal, who went by the name of Moose, owned the bar. He’d been meaning to get the R fixed for years, but intention was worth nothing without the action, and Moose had yet to act upon the thought.

Outside, the blinking neon light beckoned, calling the lonely and the thirsty into the bar where the beer was cold and the gumbo and rice Moose served was hot with spice and fire.

Moose often took advantage of Mercy’s talent for baking after she’d once brought cupcakes for Moose and the employees to snack on. After that, she’d bring in some of whatever she’d made at home. On occasion Moose would ask her to bake him something special. It was always good to have a little extra money, so she willingly obliged.

This Christmas Eve, Moose had ordered an assortment of Christmas cookies for the bar. When Mercy came in to work carrying the box of baked goods, he was delighted. Now a large platter of cookies graced the north end of the bar.

The incongruity of “O Little Town of Bethlehem” playing in the background was only slightly less bizarre than the old tinsel Christmas tree hanging above the pool table like a molting chandelier.

Because of the holiday, only two of his four waitresses were on duty, Barb Hanson, a thirtysomething widow with purple hair, and Mercy Dane, the baker with a curvy body.

Mercy’s long, black hair was a stunning contrast to the red Christmas sweater she was wearing, and her willowy body and long, shapely legs looked even longer in her black jeans and boots. Her olive skin and dark hair gave her an exotic look, but being abandoned as a baby, and growing up in foster care, she had no knowledge of her heritage.

Barb of the purple hair wore red and green, a rather startling assortment of colors for a lady her age, and both women were wearing reindeer antler headbands with little bells. Between the bells and antlers, the music and cookies, and the Christmas tree hanging above the pool table, Moose had set a holiday mood.

Mercy had been working at the bar for over five years. Although she’d turned twenty-six just last week, her life, like this job, was going nowhere.

It was nearing midnight when a quick blast of cold air suddenly moved through the bar and made Mercy shiver. She didn’t have to look to know the ugly part of this job had just arrived.

“Damn, Moose, play some real music, why don’t ya?” Big Boy yelled as the door slammed shut behind him.

Moose glared at the big biker who’d entered his bar. “This is real music, Big Boy. Sit down somewhere and keep your opinions to yourself.”

The biker flipped Moose off, spat on the floor, and stomped through the room toward an empty table near the back, making sure to feel up Mercy’s backside in passing.

When Big Boy suddenly shoved his hand between her legs, she nearly dropped the tray of drinks she was carrying. She knew from experience that he was waiting for a reaction, so she chose to bear the insult without calling attention to it.

As soon as he was seated, Big Boy slapped the table and yelled at the barmaids. “One of you bitches bring me a beer!”

Moose glanced nervously at Mercy, aware that she’d become the target for most of Big Boy’s harassment.

Barb sailed past Mercy with a jingle in every step. “I’ve got his table,” she said.

“Thanks,” Mercy said, and delivered the drinks she was carrying. “Here you go, guys! Christmas Eve cheer and cookies from Moose!”

One trucker, a man named Pete, took a big bite out of the iced sugar cookie. “Mmm, this is good,” he said.

“Mercy made them,” Moose yelled.

Pete shook his head and took another bite. “You have a fine hand with baking. I’d ask you to marry me, darlin’, but my old lady would object.”

Mercy took the teasing with a grin. The men at this table were good men who always left nice tips. In fact, most of the patrons in the bar were men with no family or truckers who couldn’t get home for Christmas. Every now and then, a random woman would wander in to have a drink, but rarely lingered, except for Lorena Haysworth, the older woman sitting at the south end of the bar.

She’d been coming here since before Mercy was born, and in her younger days she and Moose had been lovers before slowly drifting apart. She’d come back into his life a few months ago and nightly claimed the seat at the end of the bar.

Barb took the first of what would be multiple beers to Big Boy’s table, along with a Christmas cookie and a bowl of stale pretzels, making sure to keep the table between them.

Big Boy lunged at her as if he was going to grab her, and when she turned around and ran, he leaned back and laughed.

Mercy returned to the bar with a new order and waited for Moose to fill it.

“Sorry about that,” Moose said, as he glanced toward the table where Big Boy was sitting.

Her eyes narrowed angrily. “How sorry are you? Sorry enough to kick him out? Or just sorry his money is more important to you than me and Barb?”

Moose’s face turned as red as his shirt. “Damn it, Mercy. You know how it goes,” he said, and pushed the new order across the bar.

She did know. The customer was always right. Trying not to buy into the turmoil, she picked up the tray and delivered the order with a smile.

The night wore on with Big Boy getting drunker and more belligerent, while Barb and Mercy dodged his constant attempts to maul them, until finally, it was time to close.

It was a few minutes before 2:00 a.m. when Moose shut down the bar. There were only three customers left. Big Boy, who was so close to passed out he couldn’t walk, Lorena, who was waiting to go home with Moose, and a trucker who’d fallen asleep at his table.

Mercy headed for the trucker, leaving Moose to wrestle Big Boy up and out.

The trucker was a small, wiry man named Frank Bigalow who fancied himself a ringer for country music star Willie Nelson. He was dreaming of hit songs and gold records when Mercy woke him.

“Frank. Frank. You need to wake up now. We’re closing.”

Bigalow straightened abruptly, momentarily confused as to where he was, then saw Mercy and smiled.

“Oh. Right. Sure thing, honey. What do I owe you?” he mumbled.

“Twelve dollars,” she said.

Bigalow stood up to get his wallet out of his pants then pulled out a twenty. “Keep the change and Merry Christmas,” he said.

“Thanks,” she said, and began bussing his table as he walked out of the bar.

Moose had Big Boy on his way out the door, and it was none too soon for Mercy.

She handed Moose the twenty when he returned. “Take twelve out. The rest is mine,” she said, and pocketed the change Moose gave her.

Within fifteen minutes, the bar was clear and swept, the money was in the safe, and Barb and Mercy were heading for the door.

“Hey! Girls! Wait up!” Moose said, then handed them each an envelope, along with little bags with some of Mercy’s cookies. “Merry Christmas. We’re not open tomorrow so sleep in.”

“Thank you,” Barb said, as she slid the envelope inside her purse.

“Much appreciated,” Mercy added, as she put her envelope in one of the inner pockets of her black leather bomber jacket. It was old and worn, but it was warm.

Then she grabbed her helmet and the cookies and headed out the door behind Barb and just ahead of Moose and Lorena. Once outside, she paused to judge the near-empty parking lot, making sure Big Boy and his Harley were at the motel across the street.

The air was cold and the sky was clear as she stashed the cookies, then put on her helmet and mounted her own Harley. Seconds later the quiet was broken by the rolling rumble of the engine as she toed up the kickstand, put the bike in gear, and rode off into the night.

The empty streets on the way to her apartment were a little eerie, but she was so tired she couldn’t work up the emotion to be scared. The streetlights were draped with Christmas garlands and red bows, but they were all one blur as Mercy sped toward home.

A city cop on neighborhood patrol saw her, recognized the lone bike and biker, and blinked his lights as she passed him.

She waved back and kept going.

When she stopped for a red light and realized she was the only person on this stretch of street, she didn’t breathe easy until the light turned green, and she moved on.

Finally, she was home. She eased up on the accelerator as she rolled through the gates of her apartment complex and parked the motorcycle beneath a light in plain view of the security cameras. She ran up the outer stairs to the second level and down the walkway to her apartment carrying her helmet and the cookies. No matter how many times she’d done this or how many times she’d moved since it happened, the fact that she’d once come home late at night to find out she’d been robbed, she never felt safe until she was in the apartment with the door locked behind her.

She tossed the helmet onto the sofa and took the cookies into the kitchen. Curious as to how much of a bonus Moose was giving this year, she was pleased to see a hundred-dollar bill.

“Nice,” she said, and took it and her night’s worth of tips to the refrigerator, opened up the freezer, and put the money inside an empty box that had once held a biscuit mix.

She wasn’t sure how much money she had saved up, but last time she’d counted it had been over two thousand dollars. It should have been in a bank, but these days, banks cost money to use, and she didn’t have any to spare, so she froze her assets.

The place smelled of stale coffee and something her neighbor across the hall had burned for dinner. She was tired and cold, but too wired to sleep, so she went to her bedroom, stripped out of her clothes, and took a long hot shower.

She returned to the kitchen later to find something to eat. One quick glance in the refrigerator was all the reminder she needed that she still hadn’t grocery shopped. She emptied what was left of the milk into a bowl of cereal and ate it standing by the sink, remembering another Christmas in Savannah, her first all on her own.


Mercy was nineteen years old, between jobs, and as close to homeless as she’d ever been. She had come back to her apartment after a long day of job-hunting, only to walk in on a burglar in the act. She screamed. He ran with what was left of her savings, and the hours afterward were a blur of tears and a fear that she would not be able to survive the setback. The only money she had left in the world was in her pocket.

The people in the adjoining apartments were sympathetic and curious, and a couple felt sorry for her and gave her a couple of twenties. She was standing in the hall waiting for the cops to clear her room when the neighbor from across the hall opened his door and came out. He’d moved in only two days ago, and during that time they’d done no more than nod and smile as they passed in the hall, but she liked his face. His eyes were kind, and his smile felt genuine.

It was apparent he’d been sleeping and had done no more than comb his fingers through his hair before he opened the door. The top snap on his jeans was undone, and he was pulling a sweatshirt over his head as he came out. She got a quick glimpse of a hard belly and wide shoulders before she looked away.

“What’s happening?” he asked, as he stopped beside her. “I fell asleep with the TV on. When I woke up and turned it off, I heard all this.”

“I was robbed,” she said.

His empathy was instant. “Oh no! Oh honey, are you okay? Were you hurt?”

Her voice was shaking. “My arrival scared him off.”

Without hesitation, he hugged her. The unexpected compassion undid her, and she began to cry.

And in the midst of that moment, the cops came out, and she pushed out of his arms.

“Ma’am, we’re through here. He busted the lock. I would suggest you find somewhere else to sleep for the night.”

“I don’t have somewhere else or someone else,” she said.

They shrugged and left the building.

The neighbors all went back into their apartments.

All but him.

She sighed and started for her apartment, when he stopped her with a word. “Don’t.”

She turned, anger already settling in her heart. “Don’t what? That’s everything I own in this world. They took my money. I’m not giving up what clothes I have left too.”

She walked into her apartment and closed the door.

He opened it and walked in behind her. “Get your things. You can sleep in my room tonight. Tomorrow we’ll figure something out.”

Mercy started to shake. “There is no we in my life.”

“Fine. Then you’ll figure something out. But you can sleep in my room tonight anyway.”

She stared at his face, looking for a sign of danger and seeing none. “Yes. Okay.”

“Want help gathering up your things?”


“Then do what you need to do, and knock on my door when you have everything.”

She nodded.

He walked out.

She packed her bags while a cold anger washed through her. One more kick when she was down. It’s how her world worked. By the time she got across the hall, she had shut herself down.

“I made a bed for you on the sofa,” he said.

She left her bags by the door and then laid her coat on top of them as he locked up behind her. “Thank you,” she said.

“You’re very welcome. Oh, hey, I just realized I don’t know your name.”

She grimaced. “Oh, just call me Lucky.”

“I have a feeling that’s not your real name, but it will do. I’m L.J. but my friends call me—”

“We’re not friends. L.J. will do,” she muttered.

His eyes narrowed, but he didn’t argue. He’d seen animals trapped into a corner with no way out, and the look in her eyes was about the same. “Can I get you something to eat or drink?” he asked.

“No, thanks. Just the bed. I’m tired. So fucking tired.”

A tear rolled down her cheek, but he was guessing she didn’t know it. “Then I’ll leave you alone. If you need anything later, just knock on my door.”

She nodded, dropped onto the sofa, and began taking off her shoes.

“Good night, Lucky. Sweet dreams,” he said.

She made a sound halfway between a snort and a sob. He left the room.

She went to bed. And three hours later woke up screaming.

He came out on the run with a gun in his hand.

By that time she was sitting on the side of the sofa bed with her head in her hands. Her long, black hair was in tangles, and the sports bra and sweatpants she’d been sleeping in were drenched with sweat, even though the room was cold. His first thought was that she was sick.

“Sorry. Bad dreams,” she said, and got up. “Where’s your bathroom?”

“Down the hall, first door on your left.”

She passed by him, so close he felt the heat from her body. And when she came out, she had washed up and dried off the sweat.

“You didn’t have to wait,” she said.

“I know. I just wanted to make sure you were okay, and that you didn’t need anything…” Then he pointed at the clock. “It’s Christmas.”

Tears rolled down Mercy’s cheeks.

“Oh hell. I didn’t mean to make you cry,” he said.

“Well, you did, so what are you going to do about it?” she snapped.

L.J. flinched. “We could make love.”

Now she was the one who was startled. “What if I say no?”

He shrugged. “Then I go back to my room and sleep till daylight.”

The rage within her was choking. She wanted to feel something besides despair. “I am numb. I don’t think I will be able to feel.”

He held out his hand. “I know how to make you feel again.”

Mercy shivered, her mind racing. With a stranger? Just once. Just so she wouldn’t have to hurt.

She walked into his arms.

The ensuing hour was nothing short of magic. Mercy turned into someone she didn’t know existed. He turned her on and sent every emotion she had into overdrive. The sex was heart-stopping, and so was he. After it was over, he fell asleep with her still in his arms.

She watched his face as he slept until every facet of him was branded into her memory, but she wouldn’t sleep. An hour before daylight, she slipped out of his bed, dressed in the other room, and left without telling him good-bye.


A loud crash, and then the squall of a tomcat somewhere outside broke Mercy’s reverie.

She put her bowl in the sink and walked to the window overlooking the parking lot.

The neighborhood cat was prowling around the dumpster, and she saw the vague images of two people making out in a car near the back of the lot. Angry that she cared, she turned away. Exhaustion was finally catching up. It was after three in the morning when she rinsed the bowl and then paused in the doorway, making sure everything was turned off and locked up.

The silence in the apartment was suddenly broken by the distant sound of a phone ringing in a nearby apartment. The ringtone was “Jingle Bells.”

“Merry Christmas,” she muttered, and went to bed.


Chapter 2


It was nearing daylight when her cell phone began to ring. She rolled over and grabbed it as she turned on the lamp. “Hello?”

“This is Mildred Starks from the National Rare Blood Registry. Am I speaking to Mercy Dane?”

“Yes,” Mercy said, as she threw back the covers and stood up.

“Ms. Dane, we have an emergency in your area. This is an unusual situation, and we’re asking something out of the ordinary. Can you respond directly to the hospital in need?”

“Yes. Where do I need to be?” she asked, as she began grabbing clothes.

“You still reside in Savannah, Georgia, and are there at this time?”


“Perfect. There is a small town about an hour south of you called Blessings. There’s no chopper available to fly you there and no time to donate in Savannah and then have it transported. Do you have transportation to get yourself to Blessings?”

Now her hands were shaking as she realized the reality of someone’s life would lie partially in her ability to get there. “Yes. Where do I go?”

“The town is small. There’s only one hospital. I’m sending GPS directions to your phone. Time is crucial. Be safe and Godspeed.”

“On my way,” she said, and dropped the phone on the bed as she took her biker gear out of the closet. Within five minutes she was out the door, her helmet in one hand, keys in the other.

The sun was only a hint on the eastern horizon as she left the complex. According to her directions, she was to take I-16 west, then connect to I-95 south. She wasn’t far from a feeder road that would take her to I-516, which then turned into I-16, so she took that route.

It was early Christmas morning and traffic was sparse. Sunrise was minutes away when she finally hit I-16, and by that time she was flying. Every mile behind her put her closer to Blessings. It wasn’t the first time she’d been called upon to donate her blood, but it was the first time she’d been asked to go to the person in need. It amped the urgency to a fever pitch, making her part in it personal.

Once she hit I-95 southbound, the northbound lane was a black ribbon of flickering headlights, while she and the Harley became a two-wheeled version of earthbound flight.

She rode with single-minded focus, keeping an eye on the traffic while making sure she didn’t get caught in the draft of passing truckers. And when the new sun was just high enough in the east that she could see the landscape through which she was passing, the glimpses of houses led her to imagining what might be going on within the walls—because it was Christmas Day.

Surely joyful families were opening presents and eating breakfasts. She pictured turkeys already in the oven, pies already baked and lining sideboards and tables, and the dough for homemade hot rolls in big crockery bowls, covered and rising in a warm place on the counter. Unfortunately, that scene was nothing but her imagination because she’d never experienced anything like it. But the closer she got to Blessings, the more she realized there was no time to dwell on what she didn’t have. Today, it was what she did have—an RH negative blood type—that mattered most.

She’d been on the interstate forty-five minutes when she reached the exit that would take her to her destination. According to the directions she’d received, Blessings was less than fifteen miles ahead. The roar of the engine beneath her was all she could hear as she leaned slightly forward into the ride and accelerated.

And just as she rode past the city limits sign, she came upon a roadblock and a long line of cars blocking the highway with rescue vehicles up ahead. Her heart sank. She didn’t know it was the aftermath of the wreck that had caused the injuries to the person in need of her blood. But waiting around for permission to pass was not on her agenda.

She rolled out around the last car in line and kept moving forward. When she reached the accident site, she rode around two tow trucks, then took to the ditch to get around a couple of police cars and one highway patrol.

Although she couldn’t hear what they were saying, she saw them shouting and trying to wave her down. She’d never outright defied a lawman in her life, but these were extenuating circumstances, and so she kept moving until she was beyond the roadblock and heading into town.

She knew she was speeding, but traffic on Main Street was almost nonexistent. Her gut knotted when she heard a siren. One glance in her side mirror, and she saw the red and blue flashing lights of a cop car coming up behind her. Stopping to explain her situation could be the difference between someone living and dying.

Led by fear, she swerved off Main Street into a residential neighborhood and accelerated. It wasn’t enough. The cruiser was still behind her and closing the gap. Then she noticed an alley coming up on her right, swerved into it and sped up, trying to get back to Main. Everything in her peripheral vision was a blur, and the sound of the siren was fading as she shot back onto Main and then down to the far end of the street to the blue hospital sign with an arrow pointing east.

She followed the arrow, saw the hospital building straight ahead, and headed toward the entrance marked ER. She slid sideways as she came to a stop and then ran toward the entrance with her helmet in her hand and her hair in tangles.

It had taken an hour and five minutes to get there.

It was thirty-seven degrees, and she was sweating.


Everyone in the waiting room looked up as the tall, leggy woman came running into ER, heading straight toward registration. They saw black leather, wild hair, and a motorcycle helmet, and frowned. Women in Blessings didn’t dress like that. She was obviously a stranger.

Mercy was unaware of the stares and would have cared less had she known. She stopped at the desk.

“I’m here to donate blood to—”

A nurse came out of a nearby office.

“What’s your name?” she asked.

“Mercy Dane.”

The nurse threw up her hands in a gesture of thanksgiving. “Praise the Lord that you’re here. They’re waiting for you. Come with me.”

They left the waiting area with haste, moving down a long hallway, then through double doors, past the surgery waiting room, unaware of the two men who came running out of the waiting room behind them as they passed. And when the nurse took her through another set of doors, things began to happen rapid-fire.

She’d given them her photo ID and donor card and was now flat on her back, half-listening to the frantic voices around her as they began hooking her up. It was obvious whoever needed this transfusion was someone they knew—someone they certainly cared about. And she was here, so she closed her eyes, letting the chaos go on around her without buying into the panic, just glad she’d made the ride.


Lon Pittman clocked the biker at close to sixty miles an hour going down Main Street. He immediately hit the lights and siren as he took pursuit, and when he got close enough to ID the tag number, radioed it in. He had assumed the rider was a guy with long hair until the dispatcher radioed back. The owner was a woman named Mercy Dane. That wasn’t going to change anything when he caught her, but it did cross his mind that this woman was surely hell on wheels. He was still in pursuit when she suddenly took a right and shot up the alley that ran along the side of Ruby Dye’s home.

“Damn it,” he muttered, knowing it was too narrow to take his cruiser up that alley at this rate of speed, and had to drive to the end of the block to take a quick right, only to see her shoot out of the alley, straight across the street into another one. She was still running the alleys, one block after another.

He took off toward Main running hot, and when he finally reached it, caught a quick glimpse of the bike and rider now on Main and turning east. With lights still flashing and his siren screaming, he took the turn onto Main and followed her route.

It wasn’t until he took the same turn the biker had taken that he realized it led to the hospital. He caught a glimpse of her and the bike heading north around the hospital and floored it.

The last thing he expected to see when he drove up to the ER was the big Harley parked near the entrance. He killed the lights and siren, radioed in his position, and got out on the run.

Once again, the people in the waiting room were surprised. When their police chief entered a building running, they were curious what was going on.

None of them had expected to see so much action and excitement in the hospital ER, especially on Christmas Day.

Lon quickly scanned the room, and when he didn’t see anyone in black leather, he headed for the registration desk.

“Sally, did a woman wearing black leather come in here?”

“Oh…you mean Mercy Dane? Yes, she’s here, thank goodness. They took her straight to the surgery area.”

He frowned. “Why? Was she injured in some way?”

“Oh, no! She came for Hope Talbot. She’s the rare blood donor they’ve been waiting for.”

And just like that, all the anger he’d been feeling for the reckless way in which she’d come into Blessings was gone. He’d helped pull Hope out of the wreck. He knew she was hanging onto life by a thread, but had no idea about her blood type or the frantic call that had gone out on her behalf.

“Where did they take the Dane woman?” he asked.

“Down the hall is all I know. You might check in at the surgery waiting room. Jack and Duke are there. They might know more.”

“Thanks,” he said, and headed down the hall.


Jack Talbot and his brother, Duke, were still celebrating the blood donor’s arrival when Chief Pittman entered the waiting room.

Jack immediately stood up and shook his hand. “Chief! I was told you helped pull Hope out of the wreck. Thank you so much.”

“I just happened to be one of the first on the scene,” he said.

“I’m still so grateful,” Jack said. “My wife is the beginning and end of my world.”

“So how’s she doing?” Lon asked.

Jack shook his head and walked away in tears, leaving Duke to answer. “She’s hanging in, but it wasn’t looking good. She’d lost so much blood that they didn’t think she would pull through surgery without a transfusion. The problem became getting blood for her. She’s RH negative, which is a rare blood type. There wasn’t any in the blood banks that could have gotten to us time, and just when we thought it wasn’t going to happen, they found a donor who lived in Savannah. She just got here a few minutes ago. There’s no way to know how this is going to come out, but whoever she is, her presence was an answer to our prayers.”

The image of Mercy Dane’s frantic ride now made a crazy kind of sense. Now Lon was past curious. He wanted to see the woman who’d made a wild ride on Christmas Day to save a stranger’s life.

“That’s good to know,” he said. “If you don’t mind, I believe I’ll wait here with you, just to see how Hope fares after the transfusion.”


Mercy watched one nurse rush out with the donated blood while another took the needle out of her arm. The panic of getting here was over. Whatever happened now was out of her hands, save for the silent prayer she’d said for the woman in need. She was about to get up when a nurse stopped her.

“Wait, honey. Not so fast,” she cautioned.

Mercy didn’t argue. The room had already begun to spin when she raised her head—a combination of too little sleep, an adrenaline crash, and a unit short of blood.

The nurse helped Mercy up and walked her out, talking as they went.

“I’m taking you to the waiting room to get juice and a sweet roll from one of the vending machines before I can let you leave. I don’t know if anyone told you, but the woman needing the donation is a nurse in this hospital. We are all so grateful you came when you got the call. None of this is standard donation procedure, so thank you for going above and beyond for her.”

“I am happy I was close enough to help,” Mercy said.

“You gave her a chance, which is more than she had before you showed up,” the nurse said.

Mercy was still shaky and wanting to sit down as they walked into the waiting room. But two men who were already there stood up and came toward her so fast she took a quick step back.

However, it was the cop standing behind them who caught her eye. She thought for a moment she was hallucinating, then saw the same look of shock on his face as the one she must be wearing. Her gut knotted.

“You! You disappeared seven years ago. I never thought I’d see you again,” he said.

She shrugged. “Seven years is a long time. Neither did I.” She wondered if he’d stayed to give her a ticket for speeding, and then decided she didn’t care.

The brothers began crowding around her, all trying to talk at once.

“Miss Dane, this is Jack Talbot and his brother, Duke. Hope is Jack’s wife, and it appears they’ve figured out who you are. Jack, this is Mercy Dane. She needs juice and a sweet roll from the vending machine.”

“I’ll get it,” he offered, and ran toward the machines at the far end of the room, and then yelled back at his brother to see if he had a debit card on him while the nurse seated Mercy and introduced her to the chief.

“Mercy, this is Chief Pittman. He helped pull Hope from the wreck.” Then she added, “Ideally, you need to sit at least thirty minutes after you’ve finished eating. An hour would be even better.”

Mercy nodded. “Yes, I will, and thank you.”

“Oh no, we’re the ones thanking you. God bless you, Mercy Dane. Have a safe trip home,” she said.

Lon was in shock. Seven years ago he’d spent a week looking for this woman. She was in his arms when he fell asleep, and when he woke she was gone. He’d never forgotten her or that night, and now, fate had brought her back into his world.

“So, Lucky, long time, no see,” he said softly.

She nodded.

“You are one hell of a rider,” he said.

Her eyes narrowed. “So, Chief, is that your way of saying I was speeding?”

She watched his eyes crinkling up at the corners as he smiled.

“Pretty much, but given the circumstances, I’m gonna let that slide. I stayed because I wanted to meet the donor who willingly interrupted her Christmas Day to save a stranger’s life. I didn’t know I was going to meet an old friend.”

“We’re not friends,” Mercy said, and then blinked as she realized that was what she said before, and added, “I don’t have family. Just a job. I was happy to do it.”

He heard a challenge in her claim…as if daring him to remark about her solitary life. But he wasn’t going to give her a moment of sympathy. “Yeah, same here. Cops and family aren’t necessarily synonymous. Most days I feel like my life is the job. At any rate, you are not what you seem, and I am impressed.”

All of a sudden, a quick wave of weakness washed over her. She bent over and put her head between her knees, trying not to pass out.

Lon caught her just as she was about to slide out of the chair as Jack returned with a bottle of orange juice, a packet of mini-doughnuts, and an iced honey bun. It was pure sugar overload, but Mercy knew it was what her body needed to offset the shock of blood loss.

“Here you go, Miss Dane. If you want more to drink, just let me know,” Jack said, and then pulled out a chair and sat down near her.

Duke was drawn to the woman by her beauty, and unhappy that it appeared the chief and the woman were already acquainted with each other. He followed his younger brother’s lead and sat nearby.

Mercy took a drink of the juice and then tore back the cellophane from the honey bun and took a bite as the chief’s radio squawked. Someone was trying to locate him.

“As you heard, my presence is requested elsewhere,” Lon said, as he stood. “It was a pleasure to meet you again. Take care, Miss Dane, and have a safe ride home.”

“Thank you,” Mercy said.

She didn’t want to watch, but she couldn’t help it. The years had turned him into quite a man. One thing was the same though. His butt still looked good from behind.


Chapter 3


Jack scooted his chair closer to her. His voice was trembling as he captured her attention. “Miss Dane, there aren’t words enough to thank you for what you’ve done. Hope means everything to me, and I thought I was going to lose her. You have given her a fighting chance.”

“I was happy to help,” she said.

Duke picked up the conversation. “Well, we certainly appreciate it. Hope has no family, so there was no option of having a relative donate, which would have been the normal avenue. She was adopted out of foster care.”

“Then she was lucky to get out. I grew up in foster care and aged out,” Mercy said, and took another bite of the honey bun.

“Where do you live?” Jack asked.

“In Savannah.”

Duke pointed at the helmet that she’d put between her feet. “Did you come here on a motorcycle?”

She nodded. “I don’t own a car.”

He frowned. “Wasn’t your husband upset about you coming all this way alone?”

Mercy resisted the urge to glare. He asked too damn many questions. “I’m not married, but that wouldn’t have mattered. I make my own decisions. No man tells me what to do.”

Duke heard the cold tone in her voice and unconsciously sat up and leaned back.

“I’m sorry,” he said. “I didn’t mean to imply—”

Mercy sighed. She’d come on too strong to a family who was freaked out, and rightly so. “No. I’m sorry. I guess the defensive wall I keep between me and the world is a little steep.”

She finished off the honey bun and got up to wash the sugar from her fingers. When she came back from the bathroom, she glanced at the clock. Since it was still too early to leave, she took off the leather jacket and sat back down.

The moment she removed it, Duke saw the odd-shaped birthmark on her neck and did a double take. “Unusual birthmark you have there,” he said, pointing at the side of her neck.

“I guess,” Mercy said. “I forget it’s there.”

She drank the last of her juice and then leaned back in the chair, resisting the urge to close her eyes. It wouldn’t take much for her to go to sleep.

“Would you like a cup of coffee?” Jack asked. “I mean, you look a bit sleepy. I wouldn’t want you to have an accident going home.”

“Yes, actually I would. Coffee sounds like a good idea, but I have money to—”

“Please, let me,” Jack said.

Mercy didn’t argue. She understood his need to give back and closed her eyes rather than continue a conversation. This was a random meeting in their lives, and the sooner she was out of here, the better.

But Duke kept staring. After Jack handed Mercy the coffee and sat back down, Duke and Jack began talking in low tones.

Mercy wasn’t paying any attention until she heard a comment that startled her. “She sure looks like Hope, doesn’t she?” Duke asked.

Jack frowned. “Maybe.”

But Duke was insistent. “Same olive complexion. Same black hair and brown eyes.”

Then Duke realized Mercy was staring at them. “Sorry for talking about you like that,” Duke said. “It was rude.”

Mercy shrugged it off as Duke continued talking. She thought he talked too much, but now that he had her attention, he launched another conversation. “Hope had a little sister when she was in foster care. Her adoptive parents left her behind, and it broke Hope’s heart.”

“That’s too bad, but it happens,” Mercy said.

“She said her little sister had a birthmark on her neck that looked like a valentine heart lying on its side.”

Mercy grabbed her neck before she thought. She could feel herself flushing like she used to when a foster parent would decide she was too wild, too unwilling to conform, and her social worker would come and take her away. Why don’t you try to get along, he would ask.

She never knew what to say. She had no words to describe that she was afraid of everything. That she’d been hurt so many times that her defense mechanism had evolved to being the first to throw a punch or disagree.

“I do remember Hope talking about that,” Jack said, and looked at Mercy anew.

“She said her little sister was only three when that happened,” Duke said.

Mercy stood abruptly. “What you’re implying is impossible. Why are you doing this? You know my name. It was never changed, so obviously, that’s not me.”

“Hope said she always called her Baby Girl. I don’t think I ever heard her mention anything but that.”

Now the room was beginning to spin again, but this time from fear, not weakness.

All of a sudden she was remembering a gritty floor against her bare legs and old shoes on her feet so scuffed they no longer held color. Someone was hugging her and patting her on the back. Don’t cry, Baby Girl. I’ll tie your shoes.

She blinked, and the memory was gone, but she felt off-center and anxious. When she began gathering her things, Duke stood.

“Aren’t you curious?” he asked. “What are the odds that a donor with the same rare blood type as Hope’s, who also looks like her, has the same general coloring, and the same identifying birthmark as the missing sister, isn’t connected?”

Mercy was beginning to shake. She’d been alone all her life, and this felt scary. She was afraid to buy into something only to be disappointed again when it wasn’t true. “It’s not possible,” she said.

“Then let’s determine it right here and now,” Duke said, and pulled out his phone and sent a quick text to a friend who worked in the hospital.

Within moments he got a text back. “My friend, Mark, works in the lab. He’s coming up to get a swab for a DNA test. Is that okay?”

Mercy wanted to run, but the thought of actually having family was beyond anything she’d ever dreamed. “I guess,” she said, and sat back down.

A few moments later, Doctor Barrett, the surgeon who had operated on Hope, came into the waiting room.

Jack immediately stood. “How is she, Doctor Barrett?”

“I’m cautiously optimistic,” he said. “I just wanted to let you know her vital signs are improving. She’s not out of the woods by any means, but getting that transfusion was vital.”

“Oh, thank God,” Jack said, and grabbed both of Mercy’s hands. “And thank you again.”

“You’re the donor?” the doctor asked.


“Then I’m thanking you too. Hope is a good woman and a fine nurse. What you gave her was a chance to live.”

Mercy was blinking back tears as the doctor left and fighting an urge to run. But if she left now without following through on this sister thing, she would live the rest of her life wondering what would have happened had she stayed.

A few minutes later, a short redheaded man in a lab coat came hurrying into the waiting room. “Is this the lady in question?” he asked.

Duke nodded. “Mark, this is Mercy Dane. Mercy, this is my friend, Mark Lyons.”

Mark smiled. “Hello, Miss Dane. This will only take a few seconds. I just need to get a swab from inside your mouth, okay?”

She nodded.

When he pulled the long swab out of the wrapper, she opened her mouth.

Mark got the sample and secured it. “All finished. When we get the test results, I’ll let Duke know.”

“How long will it take?” Duke asked.

“Hard to say. They’ll take all of the regular requests for people who are waiting for treatment first.”

“Okay then,” Mercy said, and headed for the door.

“Wait!” Duke said. “How can I contact you?”

She wasn’t about to give him her phone number or address. “You can reach me at the Road Warrior Bar in Savannah,” she said, and walked out of the waiting room, then out of the hospital.

The sun was bright as she headed toward her bike. The urgency of her arrival was no longer an issue as she slipped the helmet over her head, mounted the Harley, and started it up. The pipes rumbled as she rode out of the parking lot and back toward Main Street.


Lon was standing outside the police station talking on his cell phone when he heard the motorcycle. He ended the call as she approached, and on impulse, waved her over.

Mercy sighed. This meeting had to happen to get past it, so she turned toward the curb and pulled into a parking space. She killed the engine, took off her helmet, and cradled it in her lap as he walked toward her. “Am I in trouble again?” she asked.

“No ma’am, you are not,” he said, and handed her a card. “This is my business card, but the number on the lower left is the number to my personal cell phone. I would sincerely appreciate it if you gave me a call when you get home, just to let me know you arrived safely. I am a bit concerned about the long ride you’re going to have to make so soon after donating blood. I want to know you made it home in one piece. Unlike the last time we parted, when I worried myself sick for some time, wondering what happened to you. Wondering if that thief had come back and taken you away.”

Mercy’s heart skipped a beat as he laid the card in her palm. She’d been so beaten down and wounded by life that she never thought of his feelings when she’d left. “Are you serious?” she asked.

Lon frowned. “Yes, I’m serious. Why would you doubt that?”

She shrugged. “Nobody ever cared.”

He heard a slight tremble in her voice. “Well, I’m not nobody, and I cared before, and I care now.”

She slipped the card into one of the pockets in her jacket and then zipped it up for safekeeping. She didn’t what to think about him. “I never had to check in with anyone before.”

Lon felt like he’d been sideswiped, but didn’t let on. He’d thought it that night together so long ago, and he was thinking it again this Christmas Day. He’d never met anyone like her—a matter-of-fact woman who said what she thought and didn’t use the situation in her life to gain attention or pity.

“You’re not checking in with me, Mercy Dane. If this insults you, then don’t call. But like before, be aware that I will worry, and I will wonder if you ever made it home. I will be grateful if you call. Ride safe. Both times we have crossed paths in sad circumstances. I never got a chance to say it before, but I am truly glad to have met you.”

All of a sudden Mercy was looking at him through a veil of tears. She took a quick breath and jammed the helmet back on her head.

“Thanks for not giving me a ticket,” she said, and started the engine and rode off.

Lon stayed where he was and watched until she disappeared from view—still remembering what it felt like to come apart in her arms.


Mercy was shaken by the encounter and didn’t feel easy until she’d put several miles between herself and Blessings. The town was small by Savannah standards, but there was something about it. Some people might have called it quaint. But that wasn’t the adjective Mercy would have used. It took her a few moments to put a name to the vibe she’d gotten just from being there, but when the word came to her, it felt right.

There was an innocence to it. Maybe it had to do with small-town living. She’d never thought about living in a place where you knew most everyone who lived there and had known them since birth. She kept thinking about the depth of concern everyone had for the injured woman…for Hope Talbot. Everyone seemed so friendly, so kind and caring, both for her health and safety, and for Hope.

As for that cop, she didn’t quite know how to feel about him. He didn’t hit on her. He didn’t ask for her number like most of her customers did in the bar. He just wanted to know that she made it home. How had he worded it? Oh yes. In one piece. If she made it home in one piece.

Almost as suddenly as that thought slid through her mind, a car on her left in the passing lane suddenly swerved toward her. She swerved toward the ditch, certain he was going to hit her. At the last moment, he overcorrected and swerved hard to the left and drove into the center median.

She caught a glimpse of the car as it began to roll and breathed a shaky sigh of relief that she wasn’t the one rolling. She glanced in her side mirror and saw a number of cars were already stopping, so she kept on going, glad she was still upright and healthy.

About forty-five minutes later, she hit the city limits of Savannah and took an exit ramp that would take her home.

Fifteen minutes more, and she had arrived at her apartment complex and locked up her bike. She paused to stretch before going upstairs and gazed around the complex, noting the number of Christmas wreaths and big red bows decorating doors and balconies.

It was almost noon on a clear, cold Christmas Day.

She thought about the cop’s card in her pocket, and on impulse pulled it out and gave him a call. When he answered, she realized she’d been holding her breath for the sound of his voice. “Hello?”

“It’s me, Mercy. I’m home.”

“Good news! Are you feeling okay?”

She shivered as the deep rasp in his voice rolled through her. “Yes, Chief, I’m fine, and thank you for asking.”

“Thank you for calling to ease my mind. Next time we meet, call me Lon. Merry Christmas to you, Mercy Dane.”

“Merry Christmas to you too,” she said, and disconnected.

She started up the steps to her apartment with a bounce in her walk. It was a good day.


Lon was still smiling as he dropped the phone back in his pocket. For a day that had started out in a near tragedy, it was turning into a really good day.






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(Bound By Cage #2)


Brittany Crowley

Release Date: April 24th

Genre: Contemporary Romance

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Pregnant and alone is never where I saw myself in life. Shit happens and you have to roll with it. He made his choice, and it kills me each time I see him living his new life. But what if things aren't really as they appear? What if I can still have a happily ever after?





You know that guy, the one that screws up his whole life over a stupid decision? Yeah, that's me. I had the girl and I blew it. Now I'm determined to salvage my fighting career and win her back. She doesn't know it yet, but I'm not taking no for an answer.








Rampage (Bound by Cage #2)Rampage by Brittany Crowley

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Rampage fits this turbulent tale of love, heartache and regret. She's the one that got away. He's the one living with regrets. Choices were made, boundaries set. What happens when the one that got away, proves not easy to forget? Rocky romances equal sizzling second chances.

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CAGED (Bound by Cage #1)





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Caged (Bound by Cage, #1)Caged by Brittany Crowley

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Caged is my first Brittany Crowley novel and I must say that Zander and Savannah are an overload to the senses. Their attraction is instant and intense. Zander is dominantly possessive. He shows no fear in going after what he wants. Savannah is much less aggressive but no less captivated. Heat is the name of the game with this sensually charged novel.

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Brittany Crowley grew up in Massachusetts and still lives there today. She is a stay at home mom to her three little ones and loves every second of it. Getting into the world of romance after she had her first child, she was hooked. Never thinking she had what it takes to write, she had many ideas in her head but never put them on paper. Now you can find her trying to keep up with her crazy kids and writing any chance she gets.








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The Baby Machine by Ann Major













“No one provides hotter emotional fireworks than the fiery Ann Major.” Romantic Times

In this passionate (130 page) novella lonely, high-flying business-woman Kate Karlington wanted a baby more than anything, but all the men she knew were obsessed by her fortune—except for rugged Jim Keith Jones, who was too rough and unsophisticated for her to consider.

Unlike the others, he was obsessed solely by her.

When he offered to be her ‘baby machine’, all Kate had to do was agree to his outrageous terms.





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The Baby Machine: A NovellaThe Baby Machine: A Novella by Ann Major

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Following her dreams almost cost her, her heart, but ended up gaining her the world. Ms. Major works her magic with this heartwarming journey of hope and family. Short enough to grab attention, but long enough to walk away with my heart. The Baby Machine is an amazing story of sacrifice, love and dreams.

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The Accidental Bridegroom by Ann Major









“Want it all? Read Ann Major.” –New York Times bestselling author Nora Roberts

The past: Cathy Calderon was the wild, willful heiress her dangerous stepfather hired hard-edged bodyguard Rafe Steel to protect. Even though Rafe never mixed business with pleasure, when Cathy set her sights on seduction, he couldn't resist.

Six years later: Just as Cathy is about to marry a man her family deems suitable, Rafe discovers she never told him she’d had his daughter, who is an enchanting, pint-sized replica of the woman he can’t forget. Even though her step father has threatened him if he ever goes near Cathy, Rafe can’t walk away from his daughter or her mother.

Magic: When Cathy commissions a curandera whose love spells always go awry to make a love potion for her bridegroom, but shares it with Rafe by mistake on The Day of the Dead, the spark between them flares out of control.










The Accidental Bridegroom (Accidental #1, Man of the Month #71)The Accidental Bridegroom by Ann Major

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Ms. Major brings readers along for the ride as danger, passion and drama collide. The Accidental Bridegroom is modern day fantasy with hints of magic sprinkled around the edges. Star crossed lovers, vengeful fathers and hearty sex appeal combine in this fantastical second chance romance.

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Destiny's Child by Ann Major







“No one provides hotter emotional fireworks than the fiery Ann Major.” Romantic Times

In love with her worst enemy
Ever since Megan MacKay’s father lost the MacKay ranch to neighboring rancher Jeb Jackson and vanished, after asking Jackson to look after her, Megan MacKay resented Jeb almost as much as she desired him. When she was sixteen, he rejected her, and she vowed to hate him forever.

Now she’s all grown up and such a handful, his feisty pilot is the last woman Jeb wants to desire. Then a passionate kiss makes Jeb realize that he wants to possess her a whole lot more than he wants her land. But can he win the one woman who’s so stubbornly set against him?





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Destiny's Child (Texas: Children of Destiny, #2; Western Lovers: Once a Cowboy..., #48)Destiny's Child by Ann Major

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I read Destiny's Child for the first time when I was eighteen. It's amazing to me how youth affords you blinders that adulthood quickly melts away. Maturity now allows me to see just how intense Jeb and Megan's relationship was. How can a relationship shrouded by pride, lies and family ties truly stand a chance? Like the rumblings of a storm as it prepares to shake up it's mark, Destiny's Child blows me away just as much today with emotions that speak to the heart.

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Wilderness Child by Ann Major









Old flames burn the hottest in USA Today bestselling Ann Major’s passionate, Wilderness Child (Book 4, Texas: Children of Destiny).

She betrayed him once … now it’s his turn to pay her back in kind.

Sizzling desire and old betrayals meet in a conflagration in the Australian wilderness when a transplanted Texas cattleman’s old love walks into a trap he’s set just for her.

Tad Jackson is a rugged Texan with a raw sensuality as untamed as the Australian wilderness he now rules. But his outback kingdom is under assault from an unseen enemy, and his wife and beloved daughter are missing, feared dead. He’s lost what’s most important, now he’s about to lose the rest.
And it all began with his betrayal by the one woman he wanted above all others.

Years ago, Tad fell desperately in love with beautiful Jessica, but on his honeymoon he discovered that she'd set him up - he'd married her identical twin sister! Now Tad is widowed, and when he learns Jess has his niece, he has Jess right where he wants her—in his power.

Dr. Jessica Bancroft gave Tad up for her twin sister, believing it a noble self-sacrifice. Now she wants to raise her niece and keep her safe from the war zone that is Tad’s cattle station, but Tad refuses to give up his beloved child. To stay involved in her life, Jess must return home to the outback with them.

She’ll do anything for her niece, and maybe for Tad – but can she trust him? Long-ago passion still smolders between them, and when it finally flares out of control, will either of them survive the flames?





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Wilderness Child (Texas: Children of Destiny Book 4)Wilderness Child by Ann Major

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Old hurts, lead to fresh revenge ...

Wilderness Child reads like a maze, at times hard to follow but definitely leaves an impression. Each time, I thought I had it figured out Ms. Major threw in a curveball that left me in doubt. Tad and Jess' history reads like a prime time soap. Betrayal, secrets, twin sisters and a passion that's hard to resist. At the center of this firestorm is some long withheld truths that keeps readers on the edge until the bitter end.

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The Accidental Bridegroom

The Accidental Bridegroom - Ann Major Ms. Major brings readers along for the ride as danger, passion and drama collide. The Accidental Bridegroom is modern day fantasy with hints of magic sprinkled around the edges. Star crossed lovers, vengeful fathers and hearty sex appeal combine in this fantastical second chance romance.





Paging Dr. Hot












New York Times & USA Today bestselling author Sophia Knightly brings you Summer Beach Books - the perfect summertime escape. Fun, sexy and lighthearted, each book is a standalone novel. 


A love prescription so potent only the hottest doctor can fill it.

Miami TV reporter Francesca Lake is on a manhunt...or rather, a doctor hunt. Frankie wasn't always a hypochondriac. Her motto used to be "Fear is not an option", but everything changed with her mom's near-fatal heart attack. Now a day doesn't go by where she isn't worried about something.

After a harrowing incident in the hospital ER, she has a life-altering epiphany. She needs to find a marriage-minded doctor ASAP--one who will calm her fears so she can get on with her life.

So begins a series of amorous escapades and startling revelations as she works her way through the list of eligibles: an outrageous Aussie sex therapist, a brilliant neurosurgeon (who's wired the wrong way), and a handsome Cuban cardiologist.

None of them compares to hunky Dr. Harrison Taylor...but there's a problem. Much as Harrison's rugged physique, forest-green eyes and warm smile make her senses wobbly, she needs a people doctor, not the vet for her miniature dachshund Romeo. Besides, Harrison's propensity for crazy stunts would only make her worry more.

Frankie is trying to be sensible, but her heart and her outspoken dog are conspiring against her...

Warning: Contains juicy secrets and romantic misadventures between a loveable hypochondriac and three hot doctors. Side effects may include intense yearnings for a strong doctor, an adorable miniature dachshund, and an impromptu trip to sultry Miami.





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Paging Dr. HotPaging Dr. Hot by Sophia Knightly

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

How does a control freak keep her life from spinning out?

Paging Doctor Hot is no cookie cutter romance. Ms. Knightly proves that kooky can be sexy with a love happy phobic and an irresistibly eccentric vet. Furry scene stealers add to the smiles while the comedic supporting casts equally beguiles. Frankie and Harrison are a prescription that hits the spot the first time around, without the need for a refill.

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Release Blitz, No Faith No Trust Just Pixie Dust by Amelia Bronson





No Faith, No Trust Just Pixie Dust, The Gray Secrets Series Book 1 by Debut Author Amelia Bronson NOW LIVE!


NO FAITH NOW LIVE compressed


Purchase your copy HERE!

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Amazon UK http://amzn.to/2pxtH05

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no faith no trust just pixie dust



Book Description


If you only had a short time on this earth what would you do? Would you run off with a stranger that has a secret? What if he was your only chance to see the world? When Arein finds out that a mysterious Illness has left her with who knows how long to live, she takes a chance with a stranger and leaves home for good. The Halfling Fin has a dangerous secret and what was supposed to be a simple walk in the woods soon turns treacherous. Something is very wrong in the forest, and when the Pixies ask for their help, Arein must decide who she can trust and what her life is worth.


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Good Guys Don't Bite, The Gray Secrets Series Book 2










Author Bio


Growing up I was the reader of my family. Always had my nose in a book. When I wasn't reading I was playing pretend with my older brothers and friends. So I guess you could say that adventure has always been in my blood.
I have always enjoyed writing. My mother actually would make me write all the time to help improve my penmanship. I never left the house without a notebook and pen. I knew that I was going to be an author and finally being able to live my dream has been awesome.
With my first book No Faith, No Trust, Just Pixie Dust I hope that everyone gets to see what kind of writer I am and get lost in the world I have created for them.


Connect with Amelia HERE!


Author Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/AuthorAmeliaBronson/


Amazon Author Page https://www.amazon.com/-/e/B06ZZXF56T


Author Goodreads http://bit.ly/AmeliaBronsonGoodreads


Twitter @BronsonAmelia


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Crashing Together (Silver Bay Book 2)

Crashing Together (Silver Bay Book 2) - Amelia Judd, Karen Dale Harris Crashing Together marched right into my heart and took over. Logan and Kat proved that a person should never be taken at face value. Logan loved to have a good time and be the life of the party but had feelings that ran deep and hurts hidden away from prying eyes. Kat was an independent woman dogged by disappointments and insecurities. Underneath her pride and his womanizing was a bond that needed a chance to grow. Amelia Judd packs a powerful message with some lighthearted style. Wisely heartwarming.

Paging Dr. Hot

Paging Dr. Hot - Sophia Knightly How does a control freak keep her life from spinning out?

Paging Doctor Hot is no cookie cutter romance. Ms. Knightly proves that kooky can be sexy with a love happy phobic and an irresistibly eccentric vet. Furry scene stealers add to the smiles while the comedic supporting casts equally beguiles. Frankie and Harrison are a prescription that hits the spot the first time around, without the need for a refill.

It Happened on Love Street

It Happened on Love Street - Lia Riley It Happened on Love Street tickles the funny bone, while warming the heart and tempting the senses. Ms. Riley moves to the head of the class with this study in hard life lessons. Pepper's dreams lead her to make a change in her life and setup shop in Everland, Georgia. When her plans fall by the wayside and leave her pride crushed, desperation sets her on a new path. As a frustrated dog walker. Rhett, is the answer to her prayers with his understanding of the canine psyche and his tempting magnetism, that makes her inner bad girl want to break free. Can past hurts and foolish pride, have landed them in the right place, at the right time, for something wonderful?

A Venture of the Heart (Silver Bay, #1)

A Venture of the Heart (Silver Bay, #1) - Amelia Judd, Karen Dale Harris From broken hearts to brand new starts ...

A Venture of the Heart is about following your dreams despite the obstacles thrown in the way. Pax and Sage have history. Family connections brought them together, emotional ones tore them apart. She needs stability. He has the heart of a dreamer and the soul of a nurturer. What looked like a chance at forever wasn't strong enough to keep them together. When fate sends them an olive branch, will they use it to build a second chance? This is my first Amelia Judd read and I loved it. She tells captivating stories full optimism, heartache and healing that are a joy to behold.






Some things have to fall apart before they can be put back together.













The Walshes #7


Kate Canterbary


Releasing May 23, 2017


Vesper Press







Two lonely hearts.


Just once, she'd like to be someone's first choice.

She's strong-willed and spunky, but she's left picking up the pieces from her ex's lies and manipulations, and daydreaming about taking a scalpel to his scrotum.


Flying under the radar is what he does best.

He's laid-back and loyal, but he wants the most off-limits woman in his world, and nothing will ever make that a reality.


An arrangement of mutual benefit.


Two months, four dates.

Five, if things go well.

Five at the most.

But possibly six.

Definitely no more than six dates.

Only the appearance of a romantic relationship is required, and they expect nothing more from their time together. There will be none of those benefits involved.


One wild weekend.


After waking up in bed together—very naked and even more hungover—the terms and conditions of their arrangement no longer apply. Now they're faced with something riskier than exposing their fake relationship:  letting go of the past and zipping up the future.


Some things have to fall apart before they can be put back together.











Kate Canterbary doesn't have it all figured out, but this is what she knows for sure: spicy-ass salsa and tequila solve most problems, living on the ocean--Pacific or Atlantic--is the closest place to perfection, and writing smart, smutty stories is a better than any amount of chocolate. She started out reporting for an indie arts and entertainment newspaper back when people still read newspapers, and she has been writing and surreptitiously interviewing people—be careful sitting down next to her on an airplane—ever since. Kate lives on the water in New England with Mr. Canterbary and the Little Baby Canterbary, and when she isn't writing sexy architects, she's scheduling her days around the region's best food trucks.










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