His to Take (Out of Uniform)

His to Take (Out of Uniform) - Katee Robert Ms. Robert is a gifted author that can write stories like His to Protect which is an inspiring drama that happens to be written seductively. Her emotional radar has been spot on in my opinion since I discovered her books. His to Take is her latest novella that takes the reader on an entertaining ride. Erin and Warren are on the hunt for guilty pleasure that they can only find with each other. I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review. The story actually started off quite well and the game of truth or dare was a nice touch. For me the story started to flounder quickly. I think Erin may have been the reason. Her pity party got old really fast and her constant back and forth attitude toward Warren was immature. I kept yelling make up your mind already. Not bad but could have been better.