Skinny Dipping Season

Skinny Dipping Season - Cynthia Tennent Truhart is a small town that dishes out romance, redemption and light-hearted fun. Cynthia Tennent has done a wonderful job in writing a story that is full of all the sweetness of small town living. In Skinny Dipping Season rule follower Elizabeth Lively's life falls apart when she's not looking and leaves her broken in heart, spirit and reputation. Escape proves the only option for her shattered life. She finds that in Truhart, Michigan where she not only starts to heal, but finds herself despite the opposition of one surly mistrustful citizen. The first thing that drew me to this read was that it uses the state of Michigan as a backdrop. As a lifelong citizen it's fun to see the state through the eyes of others. What left a lasting impression was the spirit of the story. JD and Elizabeth may have been the stars but the supporting cast stole the show.