Falling for Her Bachelor

Falling for Her Bachelor - Robin Bielman His hometown considers him a hero. For Nick Palotay nothing could be further from the truth. Tragedy, guilt and heartbreak seem to be his constant companions as he makes his way alone. Getting to know Cassidy again starts to lighten the heaviness weighing him down but Cassidy is seeking to find her own path through the storm. I received an ARC of Robin Bielman's latest novel in exchange for an honest review. Falling for her Bachelor by Robin Bielman is a story that anyone can relate with. When situations arise that are hard to understand and impossible to control, it brings about anguish and soul searching. The gradual connection between Nick and Cassidy was tempered by loss of friends and loved ones that had Nick standing at a crossroads. What I took away from this read was that for every joy there is sadness but the beauty of it all is the experiences and memories gained along the way.