Clutch Player (Clover Park, Book 9)

Clutch Player (Clover Park, Book 9) - Kylie Gilmore Only Kylie Gilmore can get me to even consider reading a story like this. Normally, I stay away from stories that have the slightest hint of a medical story line. The bogged down medical jargon, the emotional plots and the egocentric characters totally turn me off. That is not what Clutch Player brought to the table. There were some moment of heartbreak but Ms. Gilmore had me laughing through my tears and Hoping for the best. I received an ARC of Clutch Player in exchange for an honest review. Emily is faced with serious situations on a daily basis due to her career. She and Jarod have that in common but he has a less serious, more upbeat outlook on life. He was just what the doctor ordered for Emily. I enjoy reading Ms. Gilmore because at the end of the day her stories are full of warmth and heart.