Summer at Oyster Bay

Summer at Oyster Bay - Jenny  Hale
ARC Review: Summer at Oyster Bay by Jenny Hale

Stories like Summer at Oyster Bay are sentimental because they touch something inside of the reader and that is what gets the emotions flowing. Ms. Hale wrote a read that is full of heart and as thoughtful as it is romantic. Emily left home because she needed a change, she returned home for the same reason. The serenity, family bonds and familiarity gave her a sense of home and belonging that she had been missing for a while. But her peace of mind is short lived when she meets the one person who can upset the balance of all she holds dear. Life's legacy is to learn from all the experiences we have and that is what I took away from Jenny Hale's story. Beauty,nostalgia and maturity are power themes in this pleasant read.