Playing by Her Rules

Playing by Her Rules - Amy Andrews Griff is the coach with the tough as nails attitude. Sister Kathleen is as religious as she is a straight shooter, she tells it like it is. Linc, the horn dog teammate with sex always on his mind and Imelda the cut throat head of the local paper knows how not to be kind. I received an ARC of Playing by Her Rules in exchange for an honest review. A hotshot athlete and an aspiring reporter discover the second time around to be sweeter. Amy Andrews writes stories that are meant to be enjoyable. Her secondary characters are as key to the canvas as the central ones, so she has to create unforgettable and sometimes it works, others not so much. In this case every single one was essential to the makeup of the story and I loved every minute. The spice and vice came from Tilly and Tanner but the comic relief came from their supporting cast. Three cheers for the Sydney Smoke Rugby series.