Torch - Karen  Erickson ARC Review: Torch (The Wildwood Series) by Karen Erickson

Karen Erickson outdid herself with Torch. The title the characters and the whodunit are great assets to this saucy series. Wren puts on a brave face but is really a lost soul searching for her own place. She yearns for a chance to find her happiness, even if it takes her away from the people and places she loves. Tate, is everything she wants but is scared to take a chance on. The flashy personality, his risky career and the turbulent attraction that she craves to let loose. An impressionable home life has left both Tate and Wren with feelings of inadequacy and fear of the unknown. Can they overcome the pain of their pasts, in order to find a future together?

The chemistry was combustible between Tate and Wren. It was so obvious that they had a special connection. What I loved most is that despite the animosity Wren showed, Tate was there whenever she needed someone to vent to or just to look after her. I adore these two together.