Winner Takes All (Champion Valley)

Winner Takes All (Champion Valley) - Erin Kern Blake had big plans. Become famous doing what he loved was just the beginning to what he saw as his long term goals. When an injury derailed his football career and left his good boy rep destroyed, his big dreams imploded and left him on the outside looking in. Winner Takes All is an all too familiar scenario. Life not working out according to plan is a format that every person has faced at one time or another. What Blake has to learn is that upsets help a person discovery their inner strength. Sometimes setting them on the path they were meant to be on instead of where they hoped to be. Winner Takes All wears many hats. Returning home gave Blake the chance to see that he could make a difference in the lives of the home team he coached, helped him reconnect with friends and discover his true purpose. It only took a determined young woman to wake him up to all the possibilities. Hope and faith are the greatest weapons in an individuals inner arsenal, they keep us going in the hardest of times.