Merried (Misfit Brides Book 5)

Merried (Misfit Brides Book 5) - Jamie Farrell
Merried is a story of heartache, betrayal and second chances. There is heart in every word on every page. Ms. Farrell has written a story of devotion. Love of family has landed Merry in some sticky situations. It's brought her the love of her life in Max, but family has cost her just as much. With a father that is addicted to living on the edge and a mother who needs to be the center of attention, childhood was unpredictable. Adulthood is even more complicated. Falling for the one man who that you know is off limits is heartbreaking but unprofessional for the daughter of a jewel thief.

Max met the girl of his dreams and just as quickly she disappeared. Now she's back with a lot of baggage and even more secrets, that could spell doom for his career and trouble for his heart. Max and Merry are totally mismatched but they do belong together. As an outsider looking in it was easy to feel Merry's uncertainy, Max's conflicting emotions and the fact that family was an important part of their lives made a chance at happiness even more difficult. Merried examines the love of family and listening to one's heart. Treacherous, seductive, emotional yet irresistibly charming.