Dirty Score (Rough Riders Hockey #3)

Dirty Score (Rough Riders Hockey #3) - Skye Jordan

ARC Review: Dirty Score (Rough Riders Hockey) by Skye Jordan

The player is about to get played. And he never saw it coming. Life is golden for hockey star Rafe "Savage". His game on the ice is only rivaled by the goals he scores off of it. But behind his wicked grin and innuendos Rafe yearns for the one woman who knows all his secrets and can expose him as the fraud he is. The heart of a bad boy has been on Mia's mind from an early age. Said bad boy is the star of her fantasies but continues to break her heart. When a friendly favor leads to more than foreplay, Mia and Rafe have to decide if the rewards outweigh the risks. Skye Jordan ups the ante with each new novel in the Rough Riders Hockey series. The heroines facedown some tough opponents but everyone plays to win.