Bad Boys After Dark: Dylan

Bad Boys After Dark: Dylan - Melissa Foster Getting to know a Melissa Foster character is like falling in love for the first time. At first meeting there are no flaws to push you away, only the beginning of something wonderful to lure the reader in. That belief that something special is about to happen is the feeling that Dylan and Tiffany embody as a unit and those complexities only get stronger in their moments of individuality. Tiffany is a ball buster with a killer work ethic and a briefcase full of demons. Dylan mixes his playboy status with a killer smile, a wicked bedside manner and a hero complex but behind all the gloss lies an edge of darkness that not many get to see up close. Sex, secrets and pride are as destructive as any explosive. Dylan needed to heal himself before he could offer help to anyone else. Dylan can be described in two words. Wickedly good.