Lord Sebastian's Secret

Lord Sebastian's Secret - Jane Ashford Ordinary breeds extraordinary. What that means to me is that a person is so much more than the skills they lack. They are special because of who they are. In the long run a pure heart and an open mind are all that matters. Sebastian was a smart man but he failed to see that because of a misinterpreted flaw. He was a man of action. He could create a plan and carry it out but with intelligence and skill but when it came to understanding the reading, writing and curriculum, he felt like fish out of water. Lord Sebastian's Secret deals with a prevalent subject in a time when not much was known about it. Still to this day dyslexia is still look at as a weakness, in our ever changing world. Ms. Ashford examines the subject with gentleness and a great deal of insight. Through the eyes of Sebastian, the author allows the change to understand the frustration and shame of an individual dealing with the not knowing and the fear of being different. Lord Sebastian's Secret is an eye opener. The message is clear: "Every journey is unique, but we all have struggles to overcome." Sebastian was stronger than his fear and with the love of a good woman like Georgiana, he learned that he was more than his disability.