Royally Deep

Royally Deep - Virna DePaul Virna DePaul never falls short of capturing an audience. Whether rocking out with the band, lusting after the bad boy, learning family secrets or searching out a new life and experiencing some long needed freedom, it's a forgone conclusion that each journey will be captivating. Royally Deep turns the aristocracy on it's head with a fearless princess and her unconventional Prince Charming. Bella is her own woman. A world of structure has bred a woman willing to break down those walls and create her own path. Kyle, is living the dream. A spectacular career full of money, opportunity and stardom. The bright lights should be enough, but an energetic firecracker is about to shake up his life and heart in a short amount of time. Royally Deep dares to be different. Ms. DePaul takes a dab of fairytale and blends it with an abundance of modern day romance. Sports, royalty and romance deliver a touchdown.