Accidentally on Purpose

Accidentally on Purpose - Jill Shalvis The overprotective rebel, afraid to let anyone close. The spirited smart mouth wIth a chip on her shoulder and a wound in her heart. Archer held his own but Elle stole the show. She refused to be ruled by the pain of her pass and that laser sharp tongue could knock a man on his ***. The tough exterior hides vulnerability but the way she handles herself shows the strength of who she is. Archer is brash, sexy and hard on the outside but behind that resides a man with his own demons to hide. At the heart of Accidentally on Purpose is a bond formed from darkness that blossoms into a blinding light. Not everyone sets out to find love, sometimes it has a way of sneaking up on you. With laughter, realism and an abundance of passion, Ms. Shalvis does what does best: GETS A REACTION.