Sweet Somethings

Sweet Somethings - Barbara Freethy

Everybody deserves their second chance. For some people it just takes a little more time to find it. Juliette and Roman are due to have some happiness in their lives. Having been dogged by tragedy and heartache, it's only right that the dark shadows fade to make way for more sunshine. But can these shadow hunters let go of the past and say hello to a brighter future?  Sweet Somethings uses the past to influence the future.  Brought together by an old house, an unforgettable love story and some surprising secrets this couple may finally find a place to call home. Each other. Ms. Freethy continues to surprise me with her frank candor, emotional stories and epic romances. Her voice is unique and her stories have a purity that shines through.

Coffee Shop - A woman in search of a love that won't let her down. Coffee Shop and it's cast of characters mixes funny with a whole of heart to deliver a quirky yet lovable journey to a second chance love. Donovan is a woman on a mission. If she can get her head out of the past and listen to her heart. The charm was there, even in the lukewarm moments. A Hallmark card for the soul.