Life of the Party

Life of the Party - Kris Fletcher It takes an excessive amount of energy to play the clown. To paste on a smile and put on a compelling show, when the world is falling apart around you. Oh, to be that girl. Kris Fletcher gives a front row seat to the roller coaster drama that Is Jenna Elias' life. From the good time girl who can turn on the charm. To the broken woman working to bounce back after numerous heartbreaks and tragic circumstances. To the woman on the verge of starting a scandal, Jenna is never dull. Jenna, may be a wild child but her spirit and heart are what I liked most about her. Cole was the spark that lit the fuse that brought joy, laughter and some of that fight back into Jenna's life. Life of the Party mixes wit with drama and delivers a gritty story of scandalous love and redemption.