Valentine Wedding Hound (Have a Hart, #5)

Valentine Wedding Hound (Have a Hart, #5) - Rachelle Ayala ARC Review: Valentine Wedding Hound (Have a Hart) by Rachelle Ayala

Ms. Ayala yet again puts her best foot forward with this delightful concoction of lighthearted fun with a hint of emotion. Short with a sweet message and a lovable plot line, Valentine Wedding Hound made my day.The Wedding of the Century leads to mayhem. A reality show unearths secrets and could upend a romance. Larry and Jenna have had their share of obstacles in the past, but with the help of Harley the hound and the grace of god, have managed to build something special. Now with a wedding on the horizon, will they make it to the wedding day? Where's Harley when you need him? A shining follow up to Valentine Hound Dog.