It Started With a Kiss

It Started With a Kiss - Marina Adair ARC Review: It Started With a Kiss (Sequoia Lake) by Marina Adair

Life, love and the power of the human spirit collide in Marina Adair's, It Started With A Kiss. The Sequoia Lake series arrives with a powerful message and heartwarming adventure into unexplored territory. Avery has faced her own mortality and won. Now she wants everyday to be a challenge in conquering her fears and taking risks. Tyson is the biggest risk of her life. He makes her crazy. He pushes her out of her comfort zone while tempting her with his mere presence. Obstacles are meant to be conquered and Tyson and Avery will have to decide if they have the staying power to succeed. Ms. Adair is a favorite of mine because she knows that painful moments make for the most rewarding stories, but she levels the tears with laughs to break the fall.