So Right

So Right - Darcy Burke
ARC Review: So Right (Ribbon Ridge: Love On The Vine) by Darcy Burke

Kelsey needs to feel safe from the demons of her past. Luke wants her heart. Which is as elusive her ability to trust. Ms. Burke could not have picked a more beautiful setting for So Right to unfold. Picturesque wine country with the lush greenery, the fiery sunsets and the pungent aroma of the grapes on the vine. The imagery was like a vibrant image brought to life before my eyes. Surrounded by the beautiful atmosphere and the inviting arms of the Westcott family, will the fearful young woman succeed in regaining her independent spirit? Will love find it's way into her heart? With Darcy Burke at the helm anything is possible. There are so many irresistible characters, it's hard to keep track of them all. If the people don't pull you in, the emotions will.