The Rakehell's Seduction

The Rakehell's Seduction - Lauren   Smith ARC Review: The Rakehell's Seduction (The Seduction Series) by Lauren Smith

It was so easy to dislike Ambrose, except when it wasn't. Contradicting statement? Yes, but that is the way that I felt. He hid his heart well, but when it came out to play, it set the whole novel on fire. Arrogant, decadent, seductive and brooding this man thrived on being a walking contradiction. When a secret bet puts Alexandra in his sights, his heavily guarded heart may not survive the blow. Alexandra at first glance seems naive in her views, but underneath all of the surface optimism lies a woman with an inner strength and hidden fire just waiting to find it's target. Ms. Smith loves to dole out surprises and with The Rakehell's Seduction she not only gave an enchanting story, she delivered characters that were as mesmerizing and complicated as the writer herself. Well done.