Not in My Wildest Dreams

Not in My Wildest Dreams - Jamie Hollins ARC Review: Not In My Wildest Dreams (McKenna) by Jamie Hollins

Not In My Dreams author Jamie Hollins, just may be my secret girl crush. How am I just now discovering her work. The McKenna series has become my new guilty pleasure. Not In My Wildest Dreams has enough testosterone to short circuit any woman's estrogen levels. Sean is a walking fantasy with his panty dropping smile and playboy charm. He can blend in with the boys as easily as he can hang out with the girls without missing a step. Darcy has the dirty mouth, sensitive heart and group of friends that some people only dream about. Yet her heart's desire has always been out of her reach. Or has it? What's a girl to do when the cause of her most embarrassing moments worms his way into her heart? Give in of course. There were a couple of tears along the way, but the smiles far outweighed them in the end.