Nine Kinds of Naughty

Nine Kinds of Naughty - Jeanette Grey
ARC Review: Nine Kinds of Naughty (Art of Passion) by Jeanette Grey

Dane is a complicated man. By day his focus is on business, hiding his true self behind business suits and corporate duties. By night he lives for the pleasure, releasing the untamed animal in his soul. A man of many appetites, guilt, grief and responsibilities are at the center of shadowy existence. Until he meets Lexie and his two sides merge into one. Lexie has chameleon like qualities of her own. A good girl driven by her career, she's hardworking. She hides her insecurities behind a wall of competence and distance but inside she's a naughty girl with a need to unleash her wild side. Will these two wounded souls be able to bring each other into the light? Nine Kinds of Naughty is a temptation, that is not to be denied. Ms. Grey seduces her readers while at the same time breaking their hearts. An entrancing combination.