A Teaspoon of Trouble (Bachelor Bake-Off, #1)

A Teaspoon of Trouble (Bachelor Bake-Off, #1) - Shirley Jump ARC Review: Teaspoon of Trouble (Bachelor Bake -Off) by Shirley Jump

I have been reading Shirley Jump novels for years and have yet to figure out how she does it. She waves her magic wand and takes a sweet story and turns it into a deeply moving life lesson. So it's only fitting that Teaspoon of Trouble supplies light hearted comedy and realistic situations. Somehow, she manages to tackle a lot of story in a small amount of time. The importance of family, dealing with grief, facing fears, taking on some heavy hitting responsibilities all while staying true to yourself, falling in love and following your dreams. That was a mouthful, but she delivers it all in a calm, entertaining and thought provoking way. Carolyn and Matt may seem too good to be true but they make for a fun combination.