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ARC Review: Your Tempting Love (The Bennett Family) by Layla Hagen

With her Bennett family series, Ms. Hagen aims to make Valentine's Day an all year round event. Sebastian and Ava set the bar high and everY Bennett since has lived up to the challenge of casting a spell on readers. Your Tempting Love's, Victoria and Christopher are more cute than sensuous but there are times that their sexiness overpowers their common sense. With Christopher's story, Ms. Hagen stuck with the same theme as Max's. Simple, irresistible and heartwarming romance. Playboy Chris is afraid of giving his heart, while Victoria has a plate full of responsibilities. With every sibling I get pulled in further to this captivating family. A MUST HAVE BUY.





Your Tempting Love Audiobook



Your Tempting Love (The Bennett Family) by Layla Hagen Audiobook Review:


4 of 5 stars 


With dualing points of view, Your Tempting Love, the novel, is a winner.  The audiobook expands on that.  It allows listeners to become enscounced with Christopher and Victoria's romance. The female narrator runs away with hearts as she adds life to an already vulnerable character.  Victoria is a woman struggling with newfound parenthood, making a living and finding that perfect guy.  The male narrator is a bit lacking for me as Christopher.  His interpretation did not fit the one I had in my head for this impetuous flirt with the sex appeal and deeply rooted emotion.  I didn't get tingles from his delivery.  Although good, I wanted more.