They’re best friends until a wine and food pairing competition 

throws them together in an intimate, tension-filled setting. 








Love in Wine Country #4


Pamela Gibson


Releasing Feb 13th, 2017







Sarah James has always wanted to be part of a family. Her divorced parents are estranged and she has no siblings. But she does have friends, especially Sam, who’s always underfoot…eating her food, fixing stuff in her house, and seeking advice about his love life.


Aspiring winemaker Sam Reynoso has taken care of Sarah since the sixth grade. She’s smart, comfortable, and indulgent. They’re best friends until a wine and food pairing competition throws them together in an intimate, tension-filled setting.


As feelings neither of them expected start to emerge, each will have to decide if their relationship will evolve, or if their newfound love will be nipped in the bud by a crushing secret.









Sauvignon Blanc to Sigh For (Love in Wine Country, #4)Sauvignon Blanc to Sigh For by Pamela Gibson

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

ARC Review: Sauvignon Blanc to Sigh For (Love in Wine Country) by Pamela Gibson

The most precious moments in life, are the ones we never knew we were looking for. With Sam and Sarah, Ms. Gibson entangled readers in the perfect example of that adage. Sauvignon Blanc to Sigh For is a nostalgic ode to friendship blended into a flavorful story of love that lingers on long after the last tentative sip of romance. Less is more and simple and sweet is what Sarah and Sam's long over do foray into love delivers.

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Sarah moved around behind him. Her subtle perfume blended with the smells in the kitchen. “Do you think my label is okay?”

“They’re not judging your label. They’re judging how well the food and wines complement each other.”

“You’re right.” He set the bottle down and turned to greet his friend, but she wasn’t there. In her place stood a siren—that’s the first word that came to mind—in tight leggings that hugged her hips and bared her midriff, and a fitted shirt that tied under plump breasts, showing a hint of cleavage.

What the hell?

But it was the hair that got his attention.

“What have you done to your hair?”

She twirled in front of him, letting her hair swing from side to side provocatively. It looked lighter, and it looked like she had way more hair.  “Where are your glasses?”

“I’m wearing contacts. Do you like this look?” She batted her eyelashes at him and moved closer.

He stepped back, aware of an unaccustomed heat he’d never felt in Sarah’s house before. She was his friend. She shouldn’t look like this.

She seemed to be waiting for his answer, but he didn’t know what to say.


She laughed and put her hand on his chest. It left a warm spot there. He couldn’t back up any more, because the edge of the counter was biting into his backside.

“Do you think people will believe we’re a couple now, Mr. Hot Guy?” Her voice was low and sexy, her soft mouth curved into a secret smile.

“Geez, Sarah. You didn’t have to change your appearance.”

“Sure I did. We’re supposed to be a couple in a committed relationship. I have to look like the girls you date. I have to be warm and affectionate, and look at you like you’re my dessert course.” She paused and ran her tongue over her bottom lip. “Let’s see. What would you be? A chocolate soufflé, puffed and pretty on the outside and dark and intense on the inside, with flavors that slide over the tongue and linger there to be savored later, making you crave more.”

The room was suddenly hot. How would he concentrate on wines when she looked—and talked—like that? And how would he keep guys at the resort away from her?

His eyes fixed on her cleavage. “Could you go put on a sweatshirt or something? We need to get down to business.”

Sarah laughed, showing dimples in her cheeks. She had dimples? Why hadn’t he noticed before?

“I’m sorry Sam. The deer-in-the-headlights look on your face is priceless. But you’re going to have to get used to the new Sarah…at least for a week. We need to be convincing. Isn’t that what you said last time you were here?

He shoved his fingers through his hair. “Did I?”

“No more playacting right now. Pour the wines, and let’s start tasting with food.”










Pamela Gibson grew up loving books, history, and small towns. Her first career was a newspaper reporter, but when she returned to college to get a master’s degree, it was in public administration which eventually led to jobs running cities…not as an elected official, but as a city manager, the chief appointed one.


Writing was still her passion and in her spare time—between meetings and raising two active kids—she was contracted to write several books on local history. Taking an early retirement at the urging of her very supportive husband, she turned to fiction and began writing the happy ending novels she loves to read.


She now spends half her time on land and the other half cruising coastal or inland waters in her 32-foot boat. She speed-eats chocolates when she’s nervous, squeals when she sees a spider, and loves to relax with a good read with a mellow glass of wine. 













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