Love Me Two Times

Love Me Two Times - Christie Ridgway

ARC Review: Love Me Two Times (Rock Royalty) by Christie Ridgway

How a reader knows they just read something special.

When a reader counts down the days to the date of release.

When you make a pact with yourself not to cry and go through a box of Kleenex anyway.

From beginning to end, wanting to experience the journey all over again.

Love Me Two Times is a reminder of why I love the Rock Royalty series. A family born from chaos and pain proves that the power of love can conquer anything. Through times of sorrow, moments of danger, instances of happiness and the surprises too numerous to count Ren, Cilla, Beck, Bing, Cami, Payne, Reed, Brody and Walsh learned that blood ties are not the only thing that helps a family thrive. Deep connections, faith and an abundance of love are just as powerful. In Love Me Two Times, Beck and Jewel's journey is one of healing, forgiveness and self enlightenment. It's not always easy and there are rainy days before the sun breaks through, but the trek is worth every tear.