Starting Over on Blackberry Lane

Starting Over on Blackberry Lane - Sheila Roberts ARC Review: Starting Over On BlackBerry Lane (Life In Icicle Falls) by Sheila Roberts

Sheila Roberts has a style that's all her own. What originally drew me to her as an author is the intricate way she has of interweaving multiple players into one storyline. She allows readers to feel more like a family friend than an interloper. Simple stories told in a unique way that blend heart, life lessons and realistic scenarios to create a great escape into a heartwarming new world. Through the eyes of divorcee, a single lady and a happily married but equally frustrated wife, Starting Over On Blackberry Lane examines the bonds of sisterhood, friendship and starting over in a purely organic almost therapeutic way. For a little while Ms. Roberts took me outside of my comfort zone and gave me a better appreciation of life, love and happiness.