Falling for the Bad Girl (Cutting Loose)

Falling for the Bad Girl (Cutting Loose) - Nina Croft
ARC Review: Falling For The Bad Girl (Cutting Loose) by Nina Croft

We've been conditioned to see the world in a black or white format, but in truth we are surrounded by many shades of gray. Regan learned that lesson from the school of hard knocks. She lead with her heart, instead of her mind and ended up getting burned. Now seeking to redeem herself, she plans to start anew. With all the drama from her past she knows that will be hard to do. When her past ends of rearing it's head in the form of a sexy fantasy, will she risk more than her freedom this time and give her heart completely? A by the book cop, Nate is a man at a crossroads. The only family he has left is quickly slipping away. The job he's devoted most of his life to is getting harder everyday. When his fantasy women unwittingly walks back into his life, he just may be willing to risk it all. Could a wayward ex-con be the woman meant to be his Ms. Right? Falling for the Bad Girl is sensuous, moving and full of wise words and bad choices. Ms. Croft manages to create a sexy story with a powerful message. People are more than labels. We all make mistakes, it's the lesson we learn that make us the people we are.