The Wright Brother

The Wright Brother - K.A. Linde ARC Review: The Wright Brother by K.A. Linde

Instant attraction bonded them, will old wounds and mistrust tear them apart? Jensen could be an arrogant *** at times, but that just added to his charm. It's hard not to respect a guy that from a young age took care of his numerous siblings like the father they never had but all needed. So when loser magnet Emery crosses his path, he's quickly intrigued by her. Emery likes what she sees, but not the drama it entails. Her history with the Wrights was painful and she would rather keep her distance. Too bad that's not an option. The Wright Brother blends broken hearts, scandalous pasts and a surprisingly sensitive romance to create a touching story of new beginnings and happy endings. K. A. Linde in my eyes is one to watch.