Kissing Her Enemy (Pine Falls, #2)

Kissing Her Enemy (Pine Falls, #2) - Coleen Kwan ARC Review: Kissing Her Enemy (Pine Falls) by Coleen Kwan

Like a pair of loving arms, Ms. Kwan's characters envelop her readers in comfort, providing hope and laughter at the best of times, along with the perfect escape in some of the worst. KIssing Her Enemy proves that the easy road is not always the best one. Amber has had her heart broken, dreams crushed and is on the verge of losing her business, when she crosses paths with the man who holds the fate of her happiness in his hands. The original "heartbreaker", at least in her case Logan Wright. For Logan, business is everything. He has a lot to prove and not an abundance of time to do so. So why is he on the verge of risking it all for a second chance at love? Anytime that I read Coleen Kwan, I get goose bumps. Realistic situations, heartwarming moments and temptation at it's peak, make for my kind of heavenly bliss.