Hot Stuff

Hot Stuff - Carly Phillips He wants acceptance. She craves love and security. What they find is more explosive than even they thought possible. Hot Stuff blends fiery attraction, the power of healing and strength of love. Carly Phillips is a class act when it comes to emotional stories and simmering attraction. A childhood tragedy has left Annie with insecurities that she hides from the people she loves most (sisters and Uncle) and the need to look after the vulnerable and weak (she collects animals in need of TLC). It has also left her heartbroken many times in her love life. Vaughn is a man with a few secrets of his own. His skills led him to the big leagues but injury sidelined him. With that part of his life in the past, he seeks to find the next phase. He needs help. Too bad, it comes in the form of a man eating spitfire like Annie. What both discover is that beneath all the subterfuge they have much in common. Annie and Vaughn tickle the heart strings.