A Moment of Madness

A Moment of Madness - Brooklyn Skye ARC Review: A Moment Of Madness (Boston Alibi) By Brooklyn Skye

Ryan may be the strong, silent type, but his bedroom manner has Sailor's body singing. Unfortunately, that melodic feeling quickly loses it's charm when Sailor drops a bomb. Mr. Strong, Sexy and Silent becomes difficult, grudging and off limits. A Moment of Madness is a journey of redemption, temptation, forgiveness and compromise. Sailor made many mistakes that not only hurt the people she loved the most, but left her with regrets, guilt and pain on so many levels. Her quest to salve her heartache and honor her father while reconnecting with his spirit, is to obtain the place he valued in life and make it a success. There's just one problem. The bar of her dreams is now in the hands of the guy of her fantasies. Will Sailor learn to forgive herself? Can Ryan let go of anger and pride? Can they work together in tribute to a man they both loved? Who knew booze could mend fences and build bonds.