Defensive Zone

Defensive Zone - Catherine Gayle The trait I love most about author Catherine Gayle is her fearlessness. She is not afraid to tackle hot button issues such as interracial relationships, rape, living with HIV and other subjects of controversy that may not go over well, but she does so with heart, humor and insight that allows for deep emotional connections to each story she writes. That being said, sometimes even an author may need a breather from all the seriousness, so I was glad to see her let her hair down and lighten up a bit with Cody and Dani. Dani leads with her heart and lets the rest fall into place. Cody is not your average heartthrob, he's a thinker with a ton of skill on the ice, but no clue in matters of the heart. Defensive Zone shows the versatility of an author whose heart shines through with every story. This time with a little romantic comedy, she puts her sense of humor center stage while not skimping on the wonderful heartwarming characters.