Meant for You

Meant for You - Michelle Major Michelle Major is one of my favorite authors. A big reason why is because she exposes love from all sides. She shows warts and all. That makes for stories that are at times heartbreaking but rewarding. Meant For You cast a spell on me. It's hard to be vulnerable when it can lead to open wounds, hurt feelings and insecurities. Jenny is a warrior when it comes to protecting her son and her pride, but this mama lion has scars embedded into her heart so deeply, that her biggest strengths have also become her worse weaknesses. Case in point, a lie of convenience snowballs into more than she bargained when she has to put up or shut up. Will the solution turn into an answer to a prayer or the beginning of an even bigger nightmare? I lost my heart to Owen. He was a man with his own share of painful insecurities but his heart was a thing of beauty. Identifiable characters and memory defining moments made for a poignant read.