Royal Disaster

Royal Disaster - Parker Swift ARC Review: Royal Disaster (Royal Scandal) by Parker Swift

Lydia is living the dream. Her move abroad has helped her heal after a devastating loss. New opportunities are on the horizon. A business venture that could open more doors for this young entrepreneur and an exotic romance that has awakened her senses and heart to happiness. If only the outside world and her sensible mind wasn't determined to rain on her parade. Parker Swift is back with her naughty fairy tale. Royal Disaster picks up where Royal Affair left off and shocking developments await. Dylan is still as wicked as ever with his naughty deeds and killer looks. Lydia is his willing pupil of lust and love, yet her doubts still linger about her good fortune. Could Dylan be too good to be true? Royal Disaster took me on an escapade of lust, love, secrets and heartache. Ms. Swift works her way into a readers soul with these flawed but captivating characters.