Virgin for the Trillionaire (Taken by a Trillionaire Series)

Virgin for the Trillionaire (Taken by a Trillionaire Series) - Ruth Cardello ARC Review: Virgin For The Trillionaire (Taken by A Trillionaire) by Ruth Cardello

Jessica was blessed with the gift of intelligence. Her brain has afforded her lots of opportunities but shyness and insecurities have turned her into a reclusive outcast. In an overpopulated world of people, life has been a lonely journey for her. Living anything but a fairy tale, she turns her feelings into a blog that gets people thinking and brings her to the attention of arrogantly sexy, out of her league Stephan. Stephan is on a mission. Find a bride that is pure in heart and body. What happens when these two lonely hearts unwittingly make a whole? Chaos, danger and a sensually epic modernized joining of souls. Virgin for the Trillionaire proves that although complicated, love always finds a way to deliver the heart's desire. Ms. Cardello delivers her own brand of romance: dramatic, captivating and awe inspiring.