Playing for the Save (Men of Spring, #4)

Playing for the Save (Men of Spring, #4) - Rachelle Ayala ARC Review: Playing For The Save (Men of Spring) by Rachelle Ayala

What I like most about Ms. Ayala's stories is that she's not afraid to inform while entertaining. She puts her heart and knowledge into her work and that's what keeps readers coming back. With Playing for the Save, the draw for me was the message of positivity and hope that radiated from every page. Jamie has not had an easy time with a jerk of an ex, and a child that can be difficult but also one of the brightest stars in her sky. She wants a chance at happiness but is aware she carries around a duffle bag of baggage. Can a surprise win for her two most prized possessions, give her the family she's always wanted? Ryan and Jamie were far from perfect. Each had regrets and insecurities to work through, but if given half a chance they could be perfect for each other. Haul out the Kleenex. These characters not only will break your heart but open your mind as well.