To Me I Wed (Unconventional Brides Romance)

To Me I Wed (Unconventional Brides Romance) - K.M. Jackson
Fed up with the expectations and disappointments of love, Lily decides to step off the escalator and take control of her life. Sounds sane, right? The way she goes about accomplishing this task, is anything but. To Me I Wed has to be the most over the top love story that I have had the pleasure of reading, yet that is what I found so adorably intoxicating about it. When it comes to love, everyone is clueless. Love is the most frustrating, heartbreaking, irresistibly alluring emotional out there. No one understands how it works, but we all know when it feels right. K.M. Jackson scores points for originality. She created a story that is identifiable, at times certifiable, but in the end proves to an edible addiction of sweet and tempting charm.