The Magnate's Marriage Merger

The Magnate's Marriage Merger - Joanne Rock Lydia and Ian had a love written in the stars. Until real life got in the way. Now fate has given them a second chance. Will the heartache be worth the wait? The McNeill men exude power, presence and personality, but when faced with matters of the heart, they have a hard time facing reality. Ian loves to be in control. Lydia is the one woman, he never expected, could not forget and had no control over. Lydia offered her heart to the one man who managed to break her spirit. Now he's back and ready to expose her secrets and desires. Amid the heartache, blackmail, secrets and betrayals lie misunderstandings, pride and an everlasting love. Will these two shattered hearts be able to piece their love together again? Ms. Rock has a way with words. The Magnate's Marriage Merger appeals to the emotional, hormonal and dream lover in every romantic soul.