Score - Victoria Denault A big man on and off the ice, Jude knows how to score. He knows what he wants and goes after it full speed ahead. Zoey is the girl that sent his teenage hormones into overdrive with her wild girl ways. Now an adult, Zoey's spirited image has been toned down by life's hard knocks and one broken heart too many. With a divorce in her review mirror and a "no bad boy" rule leading her forward, Zoey is finding her way again. Enter bad boy hockey star, Jude Braddock. Tempting, cocky and up to no good, Jude has one goal. Awaken the bad girl she's determined to hide and show her what she's been missing. I'm not a sports enthusiast and the bad boy shtick's been done before but Ms. Denault adds in a little extra heart and sex appeal and scores a goal with Score.