So Wicked

So Wicked - Melissa Marino So Wicked is a tale that begins in irony and ends with forgiveness. Alexis and Aaron share a common thread. Alexis' ex is Aaron's best friend. Alexis is far from perfect. Her past is littered with the ghosts of her mistakes, but despite actions to the contrary, everyone deserves a second chance. She's still trying to earn hers. Aaron represents her worst fears and her greatest temptation. He's seen her at her worst. Judging and hating Lexie, doesn't stop him from, wanting her. Can he forgive her past, so that they can build a future?

Ms. Marino accomplished an epic feat. She took a character that was beyond redemption and reinvented her into a woman of strength. Her flaws were great, but her determination to become a better person made for a courageous, rocky and taboo filled road. So Wicked shows the bravery of two strong women. Gifted author, Melissa Marino for triumphantly winning over a skeptic like me. Lastly, Alexis for facing he demons and healing her soul.