Romancing the Bachelor

Romancing the Bachelor - Diane Alberts Reading a Diane Alberts story is like being caught in a Riptide. It's easy to become entangled and hard to find the way out. I love reading Ms. Alberts. She can maneuver from light and entertaining to emotionally frustrating, but she always manages to grab hold of her readers and never let go. The Hamiltons are my favorite series because, each story has little more heart, alot more mischief and that dynamic only a family gave make. Romancing the Bachelor is Eric's moment to shine. The man with the five year plan meets his match in Shelby. She's vibrantly frustrating, stubborn, and determined to live by her own rules. Sound familiar. Eric and Shelby are two peas in a pod. Which makes for a volatile relationship, but an exciting romance. There were times the story felt rushed but these characters are as lovable as the series is sizzling.