One Night with a SEAL: All OutAll In (Uniformly Hot!)

One Night with a SEAL: All OutAll In (Uniformly Hot!) - Tawny Weber, Beth Andrews Boys will be boys and Ms. Weber and company can tempt, taut and stir up emotion with the best of them. A bet between brothers sets the stage for all types of fireworks. One Night With a Seal turns flirting into an art form and passion into the ultimate prize. Double the pleasure equals twice the fun.

All Out by Tawny Weber - Zane oozes sex appeal. Two things he lives for are women and pushing his twin's buttons. Why not combine the two and really stir things up? What starts out as a sure thing for Zane, ends up pointing him in a new direction. Will his heart outweigh besting his brother?

All In by Beth Andrews - Good guys always finish last. Xander and his gentlemanly ways are constantly upstaged by his more flamboyant brother, but things are about to change. Can challenging his brother, lead Xander to his heart's desire?