Kiss Me in the Moonlight: Europe

Kiss Me in the Moonlight: Europe - Lindzee Armstrong Exploring The Destined for Love: Europe series has been no hardship. Beautiful scenery, heated emotion and new beginnings or second chances are at the heart of every tale. Lindzee Armstrong keeps the spirit alive with her journey to starting over. Kiss Me in the Moonlight is my favorite book of the series. Nick and Paige's story is a journey of missed opportunities, bad choices and heartbreak. Nick's a bit of a loose cannon. He acts before thinking things thru. Paige is a planner. Her world centers around deeply thought out choices and reminder lists. When life throws them both a curve ball that reunites the exes, will they be able to mend the rift and begin again? Ms. Armstrong has composed a melody of loss, hope and healing that comes through in every realistic scenario and every spoken word.