When I Need You

When I Need You - Lorelei James From the outside looking in Jensen Lund is living on easy street. There is no easy street when injury sidelines your career and leaves you doubting yourself. Determined to fight his way through the storm, he sets out to gain back his losses, but ends up meeting two people who change his life. Rowan knows what it means to fight. Nothing has come easy to her and despite the roadblocks she doesn't give up. She works hard at making ends meet and building a better life for her and her son. In no way does she need another heartache. Until Jensen has her questioning whether she should listen to her brain or follow her heart. Lorelei James, knows what it takes to get readers invested in her stories. Strong central characters, excellent writing and eclectic dialogue are just the thing to keep readers coming back for more. When I Need You blends these three traits with a bit of heat on the side.

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