Prom Queen

Prom Queen - Katee Robert
Prom Queen is one of those narratives that inspires lust, humor and thought provoking commentary. Katee Robert definitely knows what it means to make a statement. Just like Jake and Jessica, we all have our make or break moments. Some are terrifying, others are heartbreaking and then there are the ones that can lead to something wonderful. Jake's life defining moment left him broken, bruised and with no where to go but up. It was a long hard road but it lead the boy football star to make some real grown up decisions. Jessica's life changing moment took a lot longer but boy was it a doozy. The high school it girl with the mean spirit and the uppity attitude, now needs the help of the boy she carelessly cast aside. Payback is a *****. Ms. Robert uses realistic situations, smart dialogue and great characters to get her point across.