Can't Take My Eyes Off of You

Can't Take My Eyes Off of You - Bella Andre

The first Sullivan stole my heart and those Maverick Billionaires staked a claim on my soul. However, I've realized neither hold a candle to the citizens of Summer Lake. The classics meet modern fairytales. Ms. Andre has a talent for blending these two styles and hitting the JACKPOT, more often the not. The central ingredient is the heart. She builds her stories about what makes us most vulnerable. Our emotions! That's why her stories are easy to relate to and hard not to fall in love with. Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You is a triple threat. The atmosphere is inviting, the characters are enticing and the tale, itself is breathtaking. We all dream of finding a love that endures. For a little girl the experience begins the minute we open our first fairytale. For men, it may take a bit longer and be hidden much deeper, but the feeling is still there. But will we take the risk? In my opinion that's what makes a Bella Andre novel so special. It appeals to the dreamer in us all.