Where I Need To Be (McKenna Series Book 3)

Where I Need To Be (McKenna Series Book 3) - Jamie Hollins She's more than just a pretty face. He's the strong silent type. In an instant Megan and James' world is rocked by betrayal? Are they strong enough to gather up the pieces and rebuild? To the outside world, Megan had the perfect life. In reality, it was anything but. Infidelity, heartache and hopelessness have sent her life into a tailspin. The last thing she needs is to open her heart to more pain. Will she ever be able to trust her emotions again?

James has endured his share of rain. Drugs broke his heart and stole his wife. Will the woman that seems all wrong for him, end up proving to be just right? Where I Need to Be proves that the bleakest moments can teach the most powerful lessons. Jamie Hollins gives courage to keep on fighting when all hope seems lost.