The Strawberry Hearts Diner

The Strawberry Hearts Diner - Carolyn Brown You can't read a Carolyn Brown novel without getting attached. Her characters have a way of thawing out the coldest heart. The Strawberry Hearts Diner is another inspirational tale that worms it's way into the heart and makes a reader take notice. Jancy is a wanderer. She seems to have wanderlust in her blood, but her reality is much different. She longs to settle down and make a home for herself, permanently. Yet, circumstances continue to make that goal hard to achieve. When an unexpected turn of events introduces her to small town living and welcoming people she may have to rethink her loner ways. Can a woman used to life on her own, allow her heart to guide her home? In my opinion, it's impossible for Ms. Brown to write a bad tale. She leads with her heart and that love shines within each tale.